Amy Campbell, DNP, RN

Amy Campbell, DNP, RN

Assistant Professor
Community Mental Health - Nursing Informatics


  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice; University of South Alabama
  • Master of Science in Nursing; University of South Alabama
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Tennessee Technology University

Research Interests

  • Reducing medication errors
  • Using and creating technology to improve the work-environment for nurses as well as patients
  • Data Mining
  • Improving computer and health literacy for nursing and patients
  • Improving healthcare to the homeless
  • Collaboration with organizations to incorporate current healthcare needs into the course curriculum

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, A. & Harlan, T. (2018). Increasing nurse awareness when administrating medications: The creation of a dashboard warning system. In Harris, Roussel, Dearman, & Thomas (Eds.), A guide for nurses and interprofessional teams, 3rd edition (Chapter: Role of IT in Project Planning and Management). Jones & Bartlett: Burlington, MA.
  • Campbell, S. M., Pardue, J. H., Campbell, A. (2015, August). Creating a health informatics program: Is it good for what ails us? Paper presented at meeting of Puerto Rico: Americas Conference on Information Systems.
  • Campbell, S. M. & Campbell, A. (2015). Academic research should lead to real world solutions. In W. Hersh (Eds.), Health informatics for the curious: Why study health informatics? (Chapter 20). Online Publication: Curious Academic Publishing
  • Pardue, H., Campbell, A., Campbell, S. M., and Wisniewski, P. (2014). Mission impossible? Putting the patient back in patient care. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 34, 381-388. Retrieved from


Doctoral Courses

  • NU 610
  • NU 612
  • NU 613
  • NU 616

Graduate Courses Taught

  • NU 539
  • NU 556
  • NU 557
  • NU 558
  • NU 559
  • NU 562

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • HI 300
  • HI 410
  • HI 450

Certifications and Awards

  • Faculty Advisor for Future Health Professional (HOSA)
  • Student Faculty Committee Chair
  • Academic Computing Committee
  • Work with the Homeless Connect Project