Silas J. Leavesley, Ph.D.

Silas J. Leavesley, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering


  • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Florida State University


My research focuses on the development and application of optical imaging and illumination technologies to provide novel biomedical and clinical imaging and detection methods. Specific interests include the application of hyperspectral imaging and analysis methods to microscopy, endoscopy, and small-animal fluorescence imaging. My research has included the design of spectral small animal fluorescence imaging systems, optical tissue phantoms for imager calibration, spectral image analysis techniques, and novel endoscopic techniques that are complimentary to hyperspectral and microscopic imaging modalities. My current research efforts focus on translation of hyperspectral imaging technologies to real-time clinical diagnostic devices with a large improvement in detection sensitivity and specificity, and a low cost.


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  • Silas Leavesley. Spectral illumination device and method (International Patent Application #PCT/US13/53787, Provisional patent, Docket #2012-013-ENG, international patent submitted)
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  • EG 101 Introduction to Engineering and Design
  • CHE 311 Equilibrium Stage Operations
  • CHE 342 Engineering Communications
  • CHE 352 Process Measurement Lab II
  • CHE 372 Chemical Reactor Design
  • EG 620 Biomedical Instrumentation, Imaging, and Modeling