Kevin N. West, Ph.D.

Kevin N. West, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

Dr. West’s research is centered on solution chemistry and molecular thermodynamics, with a specific interest in developing ionic liquids and supercritical fluids as environmentally benign solvents systems for reactions and separations.  The West group utilizes thermodynamic, thermal and phase equilibria measurements and modeling to understand the behavior of these fluids and exploit their unique properties to improve processes by reducing energy use and by decreasing harmful emissions. Current topics of interest include: 

  • The design and characterization of lipidic ionic liquids for the separation of nonpolar species related to petrochemical applications 
  • Using supercritical fluids as solvents for the synthesis and activation of novel sorption materials 
  • Developing novel synthesis methods for the components of MOFs


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia



Thomas, M. J., Bramblett, K. A., Green, B. D., West, K. N. (2015). Thermophysical and absorption properties of brominated vegetable oil. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 211, 647–655.

Stenson, A. C., West, K. N., Reichert, W. M., Klomkaew, P., Cassity, C. G., Dobyns, B. M., Siu, B., Davis, J. H. (in press). Multi-ion ionic liquids and a direct, reproducible, diversity-oriented way to make them. Chemical Communications.

Green, B. D., O'Brien, R. A., Davis, J. H., West, K. N. (2015). Ethane and Ethylene Solubility in Imidazolium-based Lipidic Ionic Liquid. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 54(18), 5165–5171.

Bunge, M. A., Ruckart, K. N., Leavesley, S. J., Peterson, G. W., Nguyen, N., West, K. N., Glover, T. G. (2015). Modification of Fibers with Nanostructures Using Reactive Dye Chemistry. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 54(15), 3821–3827.

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EG 270 Engineering Thermodynamics
ChE 331 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I

ChE 332 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
ChE 351 Process Measurements Lab I
CHE 390/490 Special Topics
CHE 463 Simulation of Chemical Process
CHE 499 Honors Senior Project
ChE 510 Thermodynamics of Chem Systems