Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

Einstein on park bench thinking about Systems Engineering

The Ph.D. in Systems Engineering offers students specialization in an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to engineering design of complex systems. Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how complex engineering projects are designed and managed over their life cycles.

The main objectives of the Ph.D. program are to provide a unique interdisciplinary program that meets the needs of industry and the community in the area of systems engineering, to prepare graduates for leadership positions in applied research that require the use of systems engineering tools to solve complex engineering problems, and to capitalize on the opportunities that result from the interactions of a research university with industry.

This program is designed primarily for students who wish to pursue research - based careers in industry and government. Coursework across several systems - related disciplines is coupled with research on a topic pertaining to systems engineering. Doctoral topics might include improvement of Systems Engineering, application of systems engineering to new engineering disciplines, and topics within systems engineering - improving system reliability, application of patterns to systems, etc.

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