Systems Engineering Curriculum

Core Courses
SE500 - Eng Probability & Stats
SE601 - Fundamentals of SE
SE606 - Systems Architecture
SE603 - Integration, V&V
SE602 - Risk & Failure Analysis
SE609 - Research Methods
SE501 - Eng Operations Analysis
SE604 - Software Systems Engineering
SE605 - Project Engineering
SE607 - Systems Simulation
SE608 - Reliability Engineering
SE610 - Systems Thinking
SE611 - Sociotechnical Systems
SE612 - Production Systems
SE613 - Decision Analysis
SE614 - Lifecycle Cost Analysis
SE615 - Engineering Management
SE616 - Requirements Engineering
Independent Study & Research
SE590 - Special Topics in SE
SE592 - Directed Independent Study in SE
SE690 - Special Topics in SE
SE692 - Directed Studies
SE594 - Special Projects in Systems Engineering
SE599 - Thesis in Systems Engineering
SE699 - Dissertation
SE6-- Space Engineering Systems
SE6-- Systems Innovation
SE6-- Human Systems Engineering
SE6-- Systems of Systems Engineering
SE--- Cyberphysical Systems

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