Dr. Ermanno Affuso

Dr. Ermanno Affuso

Assistant Professor
Economics and Finance

Research Interests

  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Regional and Urban Economics
  • Natural Resources Economics and Environmental Policy


  • Ph.D. Applied Economics, Auburn University.
  • M.S. Civil Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bari.
  • B.S. Civil Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bari.


Affuso, E. 2019. “Consumer Welfare and Climate Change in Greenland”, Energy Economics, forthcoming.

Affuso, E., S. B. Caudill, F. G. Mixon, Jr. and K. Starnes. 2018. “Is Airport Proximity an Amenity or Disamenity? An Empirical Investigation based on House Prices”, Land Economics, vol. 95(3):391-408.

Affuso, E. and K. D. Lahtinen . 2018. “Social Media Sentiment and Market Behavior”, Empirical Economics, vol. 57(1):105-127.

Affuso, E., J. R. Cummings and H. Le. 2018. “The External Cost of Asbestos in the Housing Market”, Applied Economics Letters, vol. 25(6):397-400.

Affuso, E., J. R. Cummings and H. Le. 2017. “Wireless Towers and Home Values: An Alternative Valuation Approach Using a Spatial Econometric Analysis”, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, vol. 56(4):653-676.

Caudill, S. B., E. Affuso and Y. Ming 2015. “Registered Sex Offenders and House Prices: An Hedonic Analysis.”, Urban Studies, vol. 52(13):2425–2440.

Affuso, E. and D. Hite. 2013. “A Model for Sustainable Land Use in Biofuel Production: An Application to the State of Alabama.”, Energy Economics, vol. 37, pp. 29-39.

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  • ECO215 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO315 – Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ECO318 – Principles of Managerial Economics
  • ECO372 – Urban Economics
  • ECO390 – Environmental and Natural Resource Economics