Dr. Ying Johnson

Dr. Ying Johnson

Associate Professor
Finance & Real Estate

Research Interests 

The focus on Dr. Johnson’s research and consulting work is on the subjects of corporate finance, microstructure research, and real estate.  In addition, she has expertise in school evaluation and GIS applications in real estate research. She has received numerous research grants and two best paper awards. Dr. Johnson has authored (or co-authored) many articles in journals and conference proceedings in the finance literature.  In addition, she has received a number of awards from American Real Estate Society (ARES).


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Finance (Ph.D.)

    The University of Memphis, May 2013

  • Master of Science in Statistics (MS)
    The University of Memphis, May 2005

  • Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)
    The University of Memphis, August 2005


  • Huang, Ying, Ronald W. Spahr, Mark A. Sunderman, 2020, Impact of single-family home foreclosures on apartment rents, Journal of Housing Research, forthcoming

  • Sun, Wei; Ying Huang, Ronald Spahr, Mark A. Sunderman, Minxing Sun, 2019, Neighborhood blight indices, impacts on property values and blight resolution alternatives, Journal of Real Estate Research 41, 555-603.

  • Huang, Ying, Mark A. Sunderman, Ronald Spahr, 2019, Determining the Impact of Default and Foreclosure on Property Values: Ring vs. Neighborhood Approach, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 60(3), 338-374.

  • Huang, Ying, Mark A. Sunderman, Esra Ozdenerol, 2019, The Value of Greenways: Memphis Greenline as a Case Study, Journal of Housing Research 28, 81-107.

  • Huo, Weidong, Chengbo Fu, Ying Huang, Steven Xiaofan Zheng, The valuation of ADR IPOs, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 53, 215-226.

  • Diaz, Violeta and Ying Huang, 2017, The Role of Governance on Bank Liquidity Creation, Journal of Banking & Finance 77, 137-156.

  • Zeng, Hongchao and Ying Huang, 2016, The impact of capital shocks on M&A transactions, Studies of Economics and Finance 33, 126-146.

  • Huang, Ying, Gady Jacoby, and Christine Jiang, 2016, The bonding hypothesis and the home market liquidity: Evidence of Chinese markets, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 43, 146-157.

  • Huang, Ying, Esra Ozdenerol, Farid Javadnejad, and Anzhelika Antipova, 2015, The impact of traffic noise on housing values, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education 18, 35-53.

  • Huang, Ying, Susan Elkinawy, and Pankaj K. Jain, 2013, Investor protection and cash holdings: Evidence from U.S. cross-listing, Journal of Banking & Finance 37, 937-951.

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  • FIN315 Business Finance
  • FIN344 Principles of Real Estate
  • FIN343 Financial Markets
  • FIN300 Personal Finance