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▼   Fund Alumni


  • Cameron Ellis
  • Clifford Harris IV
  • Ulysses Hickey
  • Andrew Knapp
  • Dalton Owens
  • Zak Sorel
  • Colden Wesch
  • Eric Wesson
  • Marcus Williams


  • Matthew Allen
  • Nicholas Blakley
  • Mallorie Evans
  • Britton Hall
  • Audrey Hofer
  • William Smith
  • Harrison Spruiell
  • Joseph Turek


  • Charis Singleton
  • Micah Calhoun
  • Tyler Yakola
  • James Lewis
  • Hayden Welford
▼   Definition of Student Roles

Financial Analyst

Each Financial Analyst is responsible for preparing presentations on securities to be added to or removed from the Jaguar Investment Fund Portfolio. Financial Analysts employ analytical tools to justify any financial model, any assumption made in a financial model, or any buy/sell recommendation. A Financial Analyst will be responsible for learning the details of any security they recommend and for monitoring the security while it is part of the portfolio.


Each Economist specializes in a different economic sector as defined by S&P. They establish the degree of sector diversification and provide weekly updates of their respective sector’s economic condition. The Economists also have responsibility for two main geographic regions divided between the North American economy and other international economies. The Chief Economist covers the North American economy, tracks short-term and long-term interest rates and coordinates the economic reports generated by the team. The Economists, most notably the one covering North America, also make recommendations about relative weightings between equity and cash and cash equivalents allocations. The other Economists make recommendations about the degree of equity exposure in their respective sector. Economists may receive multiple sector or geographic assignments as need.

Political Analyst

The Political Analyst covers elections, regulations, deliberations by Congress and any other political event or issue that may impact on the value of the Fund.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for preparing and distributing the minutes of each meeting. This position contributes to the maintenance of the Sakai site. The Operations Manager also maintains the physical facilities under the control of Jaguar Investment Fund.

Risk Analyst

The Risk Analyst is responsible for monitoring the Jaguar Investment Fund to verify that all positions are in harmony with the Investment Policy Statement. Through the use of both scheduled and unscheduled analysis, the Risk Analyst identifies the portfolio’s various exposures. The Risk Analyst recommends actions to rectify any unnecessary or unusual risks.


The Accountant maintains the official books for the Jaguar Investment Fund, prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, and records each of the transactions and other financial activities of the Jaguar Investment Fund. In addition, the Accountant works closely with the accountants of USA in auditing and liaison capacities.

Risk Management Group

The Risk Analyst and the Accountant combine to form the Jaguar Investment Fund’s Risk Management Group. This group has responsibilities as delineated in section 5. The Risk Management Group is able to veto any trade that violates the Investment Policy Statement.

Alumni Relations Director

The Alumni Relations Director is responsible for communication with past Jaguar Investment Fund alumni. The Alumni Relations Director sends updates on performance, employment, and anything interesting related to Jaguar Investment Fund. The Alumni Relations Director maintains a database of all alumni contact information.

Special Projects Coordinator

The responsibility of the Special Projects Coordinator is to handle a wide range of issues that may arise throughout the year which are pertinent to the operation of the Jaguar Investment Fund.