Course Selection Form

Ready to plan your courses for the next semester and academic year out? Use the Start South Digital Folder and the Course Selection Form below to map it out. For dual enrollment, students must have their high school counselor sign and send the form to Early college students do not need a signature.

Start South High School Authorization Form

Applicants to the Start South program must have an Authorization Form submitted by the high school counselor if taking for dual enrollment credit. Early college students may submit a current high school transcript.

Start South Grade Opt-Out Form

Beginning Fall 2023, grades of A, B, and C earned as a Start South student will be listed on USA transcripts. Start South students who would like to withdraw from a class where a C was earned must complete the Opt Out Form and return to within the acceptable University time frame.

How My Credit Counts Worksheet

Want to keep count of college credit earned while in high school? Use this form, which has a base of classes from USA, to keep track of DE/EC/AP/IB credit earned for college credit while on the college search. View a How My Credit Counts Example to discover how this form can help you while on your college search to make the most of your credit.