Forming a Club

New Sports Clubs

Any group of students wishing to form a new Sports Club must:

  1. Find a student leader; a club is only as successful as its leadership. A student is needed who cares deeply about the activity and is willing to take on the responsibilities required for a club to become a vibrant, welcoming and successfully functioning organization.

  2. The leader(s) will meet with the Coordinator of Sports Clubs to discuss the goals of the club and the necessary requirements for all Sports Clubs.

  3. Hold a general interest meeting. This meeting can be held in the Rec Center and will allow us to gauge the potential viability of the club.

  4. Recruit a USA faculty or staff member who will be willing to serve in the required role of club advisor. Such a person can most likely be recruited at the first general interest meeting.

  5. Submit an Application to be Recognized as a Student Organization, a Student Organization Form, a Constitution, and a Membership Role.

For liability reasons, the University of South Alabama does not permit high-risk activities to be held on university property or to be sponsored by university department or groups. A sports club will be considered high risk based on an administrative assessment of the risks involved in participation in that club. Factors that will be considered are liability insurance requirements, amount of contact involved in the sport, and/or the inherent danger of the sport.