Cyber Security Awareness Month

Computer Services Center

The Computer Services Center (CSC) supports a wide range of computing and network services throughout USA’s campuses and Health System. Services include the student information and financial systems, wired and wireless networks, internet access and email, telephone systems, the directory and authentication systems, network storage systems, and numerous other services. 


Take Care, Be Cyber Aware

Fingerprint on top of computer screen

While space travel for the public may still be years away, virtually all of us live in cyberspace now.  Whether it’s checking social media on your phone or sending emails at work, our lives are dominated by digital technology, making us more productive but also more vulnerable to cybercrime.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the University of South Alabama wants to take advantage of this by reminding students, faculty and staff how to protect themselves online.

“We want people to challenge themselves to learn something new about cybersecurity,” said Brandon Morris, information security specialist at USA’s Computer Services Center. “We take for granted that the services and sites we use online are secure and while that may be typically true, it's important that we take the initiative and do our part.”

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