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Mission Statement

The Information Security Office is committed to lowering the risk profile of the University’s electronic information by implementing industry best practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of student, faculty, and staff information. We uphold the University’s compliance obligations by developing information security policies, providing security awareness training, and overseeing the implementation of strategic information security initiatives.

Cyber Security Alerts

Gift Card Scams

Attention Staff and Faculty!

Employees have been receiving phishing emails from scammers posing as a University administrator (dean, director, VP, etc.). The subject of the email varies such as “Are you available?” ,”Follow up”, or similar to draw immediate attention. The intent of the email is to engage the employee in a conversation that leads to the scammer asking the employee to purchase iTune or other retail cards, send a photo of the gift card information, and await reimbursement. Please DO NOT respond and delete the email.

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Marriott Breach

Attention Staff and Faculty!

Marriott has announced that over 500 million records were potentially compromised from their Starwood reservation database. Anyone who made a reservation for a Starwood property on or before September 18, 2018 may have been compromised. This includes names, credit card numbers, birth dates, arrival and check out dates, and potentially passport numbers. This is a big deal. If your credit card gets compromised, that can be changed. Passport numbers, birth dates, and full names are MUCH harder to change. Like all major incidents, be prepared for the details to change over the coming days as new information is learned and shared.
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