Enhanced Cyber Defense - USA Implements Cisco Secure Endpoint

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Information Security
Information Security

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As cybersecurity threats evolve and multiply, the USA Information Security office is positioning the University of South Alabama to better defend our data and privacy. Information Security is in the process of transitioning our antivirus from Symantec to Cisco Secure Endpoint.  This transition will be complete in October of 2022, and after this date, all university-owned devices must be fully migrated over to Cisco Secure Endpoint.

Secure Endpoint offers cloud-delivered, advanced endpoint detection and response across multi domain control points to rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats. This system will contain and identify threats faster and with greater resolution than previous antivirus softwares used at the university. This behavior based antivirus is a large improvement over traditional signature based security products. 

Continuous monitoring and real time feedback will help bolster USA’s digital defense strategy in order to minimize downtime and business interruptions due to malware and other cyber threats.  

Please contact your department IT Technician to verify that your device has been migrated to Cisco Secure Endpoint.

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