Summer Financial Aid

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Summer Aid Eligibility

Financial aid awards are initially processed for Fall and Spring semesters. Summer aid eligibility will be reviewed once a student has registered for Summer term. 




Undergraduate Enrollment Levels:                                               Graduate Enrollment Levels:

Full Time = 12 credit hours                                                          Full Time = 6 credit hours
3/4 Time = 9-11 credit hours                                                       3/4 Time = 4-5 credit hours
1/2 Time = 6-8 credit hours                                                         1/2 Time = 3 credit hours
Less Than 1/2 Time = 1-5 credit hours                                        Less Than 1/2 Time = 1-2 credit hours


If a student received the maximum annual amount of aid based on their dependency status and grade level during Fall and Spring, aid may not be available for Summer:


Federal Pell Grant: Students may be eligible for a Summer Pell Grant if they have remaining 2017-2018 Pell Grant eligibility that they did not receive in the Fall or Spring semesters. A student's eligibility for Pell Grant for Summer is also based on their registration for Summer term. 


Federal Direct Loans: Enrollment requirements for Summer term are the same as Fall and Spring. Students must be enrolled at least half time in courses counting towards their degree to be eligible for Federal Direct Loans. Half time enrollment for undergraduates is 6 hours; half time enrollment for graduate students is 3 hours. 


How Summer Aid is Disbursed

Summer financial aid is scheduled to be disbursed after the first day of Summer term. If a student is enrolled at least half time in the full Summer term or at least half time in the first mini-session, their aid will be disbursed at the beginning of the Summer semester if eligible. If a student is not enrolled at least half-time as described above, they will not receive their financial aid until after the second mini-term begins provided they meet eligibility requirements. Federal regulations mandate that aid is paid this way when a student is enrolled in mini-terms.


A student's aid eligibility for Summer is based on the number of credit hours they are enrolled as of the official last day to add a course for the Summer term (June 1, 2018*). Please note that any additions to a student's registration after this date will not be counted towards aid eligibility. 


Any financial aid refund or billing questions should be directed to the Office of Student Accounting at or (251) 460-6195.


* Please refer to the Academic Calendar for official dates.