Frequently Asked Questions

▼   How do I obtain a Banner username?
Banner accounts are created on a request basis. Any faculty or staff member may request a Banner account, however, this request is subject to departmental approval. Requests may be made using the online Banner Request form. (You can obtain a copy of the "Information Systems Security Policy" by contacting the Computer Services Center at (251) 460-6161.) Complete all required information and send to the appropriate departmental approver. Upon receiving the request and confirming departmental approval the individual will be notified of his/her username and temporary password.
▼   What is my Banner username/password?

Prior to being assigned a Banner username, all faculty and staff are required to successfully complete Banner general navigation training. This training can be scheduled by calling the Computer Services Center at 460-6161.

After submitting a request for a Banner account (Banner Request) and completing general navigation training, the user will be notified of his/her username and temporary password. An explanation of the default username and password for this account is below:

Username (identifier):

Most faculty and staff will have a Banner username of the first initial of his/her first name immediately followed by his/her last name.

John Smith = jsmith

In certain cases where two individuals have the same name, the first and middle initial along with the last name or any other combinations may be used. In any case you will be notified of your correct username.

John David Smith = jsmith
John Paul Smith = jpsmith


The initial password will be randomly selected and provided to you. After your first logon to Banner you will be asked to change your password, please do so. Follow on-screen instructions.

▼   What if I forget my Banner password?

In the event a user forgets his/her password, the user should contact the Computer Center @ 460-6161 and request that the password be reset. The user will be contacted with his/her new password. Banner password reset requests are typically processed within the same day.

▼   How do I change my Banner security?

If you already have a Banner account and you need to add or delete Banner privileges, please fill out a Banner Finance Security form. If you need to request a new Banner account, please click here.

▼   What is the Banner wildcard?

You can use the Oracle wildcards % and _ in the search criteria:
. The character % represents any number of unspecified characters.
. The character _ represents one occurrence of an unspecified character.

The following examples illustrate the use of wildcards:

To get these results: Enter this criteria:
All entries that contain "ma" %ma%
All entries that begin with "ma" ma%
All entries that have "ma" as the last two characters %ma
All entries that have "m" as the second character _m%

With experience, it becomes easier to narrow your queries to get the results you want. Remember Banner is case sensitive.