Your Role at USA

  • UNDERSTAND all you can about your job responsibilities, your department, and the University.
  • STRIVE to create positive outcomes in all situations and provide superior service to external and internal customers.
  • ASK questions to improve your knowledge and skills; keep a positive attitude; be attentive.



Taking on New Assignment

  • Find out what results are expected in your new position.
  • Determine the steps/skills required to achieve those results.
  • Determine what resources are needed to obtain results.
  • Find out what decisions you’re expected to make on your own.
  • Agree on an action plan, including follow-up review.

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The 4 "C' Keys 

Competence  The ability to resolve each situation by virtue of knowing the University’s people, policies, and procedures. Training and experience help develop this knowledge.  

Confidence  Confidence comes as an outgrowth of having competence. There are 2 parts to confidence: Self-confidence you develop through increasing your skills and other people’s perception and confidence in your capability.  

Confidentiality  Keep any and all information in the strictest of confidence. Never discuss/disclose information with a third party unless business reasons make it necessary.

Courtesy  Extend respect to others in words and actions.

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Keeping a Positive Attitude

SMILE – Research has shown that smiling has both psychological and physiological effects. So…consider putting a smile on your face.

Change your ACTIONS – Try doing things differently to start thinking differently.

SUPPORT Others – Be a team player. Support your teammates in any way you can.

Be PATIENT– Recognize that most changes occur slowly, over an extended period of time. If you don’t get immediate results, don’t be surprised and DON’T QUIT! Keep working; it’ll come!

Bring Your WHOLE Self to Work – 70% of your time (work and personal time) is spent on work-related tasks. Why not make the effort to make it better.

Be THERE – Be present while you are doing what you’re doing. Keep focused--don’t let tasks get in the way of truly listening and concentrating!

Choose Your REACTION – choose to find the best in everything, in every situation.

Take RESPONSIBILITY – Instead of asking “Why?” when change occurs, ask “How can I adapt to my changing world?”

Put Yourself in the other person’s SHOES – Show empathy! Don’t view the person as an interruption.

Be RESPONSIBLE – Be responsible for YOUR attitude! Remember: your attitude is contagious!

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Creative Positive Outcomes

At the University of South Alabama, we strive to offer the best customer service possible to both external and internal customers. While you may not always have the answer or solution to a customer’s request, do all you can to provide information or steer the customer in the right direction.

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