Scholarships for Incoming Freshman

The University of South Alabama has one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Alabama and offers excellent opportunities to entering freshman. The majority of USA students use a combination of scholarships, grants and loans.

Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative


Through the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative, USA is proud to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to qualified students. The University is committed to providing incoming freshman with access to an affordable college education.

​Some USA scholarships for incoming freshman require an additional and separate application. Others are awarded automatically based on the materials in the undergraduate admission application.

To ensure consideration for USA Scholarships, incoming freshman should apply for admission by the priority deadline of their senior year.

▼   USA Board of Trustees Endowed Scholarship

The USA Board of Trustees Endowed Scholarship, developed on behalf of the USA Board of Trustees, was designed to provide funding to exceptionally qualified and highly motivated incoming USA Freshman scholars. One award is given each year to the incoming Freshman candidate with the highest ACT/SAT composite score and GPA combination (based on a 4.0 scale). This scholarship will be used to fund annual tuition, and is renewable for the first four years of the student’s undergraduate study - provided the student maintains the minimum requirements.

This scholarship will serve as a supplement to any other scholarships awarded, in order to give further distinction to the USA Board of Trustees Scholar program.

▼   Jaguar Dream Scholarship 

Established in 2020, the Jaguar Dream Scholarship was created by the University of South Alabama with the intent to support students with unmet need. At South, we want to make a 4-year degree attainable for all citizens of Alabama and our Gulf Coast service area.  The creation of the Jaguar Dream Scholarship exemplifies our commitment to this community.


  • Be admitted to the university by the priority deadline date each year.
  • Complete the FAFSA each year and exhibit unmet need.
  • Must be an Alabama resident, or a resident of the USA Service Area.
  • Complete the general scholarship application in JagSPOT.

There is no other application necessary. The review and award period will begin after March 1 each year and complete on or before July 1. A review of all eligibility criteria will be completed the week prior to the first day of classes. This award is renewable and may be combined with other university scholarships.    

This award is renewable for up to four years or until a first bachelor’s degree is complete.

Students receiving University scholarships will have the award credited to their tuition and fees due each semester. Any balance from scholarships may be used to pay for associated academic costs such as books at the USA Bookstore, USA Housing and USA Food Service. Annual University scholarships are split between Fall and Spring semesters.

▼   USA Honors College 

The University of South Alabama Honors College offers a curriculum of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate the analytical and critical thinking of exceptionally qualified and highly motivated students. The USA Honors College challenges each student through discussion, research, creative scholarship, intercultural engagement and the arts in an effort to create the feel of a small college environment in the midst of the opportunities provided by a large urban university.

The USA Honors College provides its students with opportunities for travel, research, programming support, and unique opportunities throughout their four years of enrollment. These experiences and activities are designed to foster student success and encourage students to participate in enhanced intellectual experiences.

A limited number of scholarships are awarded competitively and are available to students of the USA Honors College once admission is complete.  Additional scholarships may be available as the student progresses through the Honors College​.

Visit the USA Honors College website to learn more information on how to apply.

▼   Abraham Mitchell Scholars Program in Business

The Abraham Mitchell Business Scholars Program allows elite business students to develop to their full potential. Through faculty mentorship and a four-year scholarship that includes a laptop computer, scholars will pursue challenging programs while developing stewardship and civic responsibility.


  • Minimum 29 ACT Composite (or comparable SAT scores);
  • Minimum 3.5 high school grade-point average (as computed by the University of South Alabama);
  • Business major;
  • Mobile/Baldwin Counties and State of Alabama residents given preference.

After acceptance to USA, incoming first-time freshman majoring in the Mitchell College of Business will automatically be reviewed for the Abraham Mitchell Scholarship award. A scholarship award notification will be emailed to students’ JagMail account.

For more information visit Mitchell Scholars Program website.

Please note: Students who are awarded both a Mitchell Business Scholarship and a USA Freshman Admission Scholarship must choose which scholarship they wish to accept.

▼   USA Merit Scholarship

The USA Merit Scholarship is awarded to students who are National Merit Finalists through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). Finalists who have been admitted to USA and have informed NMSC by the published deadlines that USA is their first choice will be considered. This award is $2,000/year, renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study- provided the student maintains the minimum requirements.

▼   USA Freshman Admission Scholarship

All high school graduates, who have been admitted as first-time freshman and meet the USA Freshman Admission Scholarship program requirements by the priority deadline date, will be considered for a scholarship. 

Priority Deadline- Fall 2020:
The priority deadline date for Fall 2020 has been extended to February 1, 2020.  


  • Be a U. S. citizen, applied for Permanent Residency, or Permanent Resident attending a U.S. High School;
  • Be an incoming first-time freshman;
  • Have at least a 3.0 High School GPA and an ACT of at least 21 (or SAT equivalent).

After acceptance to USA, incoming first-time freshman will automatically be reviewed for the Freshman Admission awards. A scholarship award notification will be emailed to qualified students through their JagMail account. 

ACT SAT High School GPA Scholarship Value Per Year
32-36 1420-1600 3.5 Full Tuition¹ 
30-31 1360-1410 3.5 $8,000
29 1330-1350 3.5 $6,000
27-28 1260-1320 3.5 $5,000
25-26 1200-1250 3.5 $4,000
24 1160-1190 3.5 $3,500
23 1130-1150 3.5 $2,500
21-22 1060-1120 3.5 $2,000
ACT SAT High School GPA Scholarship Value Per Year
33-36 1450-1600 3.0-3.49 $8,000 
32 1420-1440 3.0-3.49 $7,000 
30-31 1360-1410 3.0-3.49 $7,000
23-29 1130-1350 3.0-3.49 $2,500
21-22 1060-1120 3.0-3.49 $2,000
¹Full tuition awards will be offered at the published Arts & Sciences rate, up to 30 credit hours per academic year (fall/spring).
Students with at least a 3.0 HS GPA and at least a 32 ACT (or SAT equivalent) will also be awarded a Study Abroad award. The Study Abroad scholarship value is a one-time $2,000 for 33-36 ACT and one-time $1,000 for 32 ACT.
This scholarship qualifies as an Academic Admissions Scholarship. USA offers in-state tuition to all out-of-state students awarded an admission scholarship for academic merit at the time of admission.
Study abroad experience awards may only be used once during the first four years of a students undergraduate degree. Students must complete the travel abroad application and request use of scholarship funds prior to the OIE scholarship application deadline date in JagSPOT. 
USA Freshman Admission Scholarships are awarded over four years or until a first bachelor's degree is earned (if prior to four years). Institutional aid may not be used in the summer term. Scholarship criteria must be met each academic year in order for the scholarship and the tuition waiver to renew.  For more information about specific institutional scholarship guidelines, please visit the USA Institutional Scholarship Guidelines page. 
Students who are admitted as first-time freshman, are 22 years of age or younger, and have not attended another college or university after graduating from high school, will be automatically considered for USA Freshman Admission scholarships. 
Additional Scholarship Options
Be sure to complete your General Scholarship Application within the JagSPOT portal to review your 'Recommended Opportunities'. You may also search through all University opportunities in the A-Z Scholarship Directory or the Departmental Scholarship Directory
NOTE: Be sure to check the scholarship list each year to review any new or updated opportunities. You must fill out a new General Scholarship Application each academic year to be eligible for current year opportunities. 
The University of South Alabama provides equal educational opportunities to and is open and accessible to all qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex or qualified handicap/disability, with respect to all of its programs and activities.