IFC Constitution

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Interfraternity Council

University of South Alabama

March 2015



We, the representatives of the established Interfraternity Council at the University of South Alabama, recognize the need for coordination and cooperation in activities of intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternities, recognizing that there are certain areas of action and programming that can best be carried out by the joint efforts of all such organizations, and believing that these needs can best be realized by formal organization, do hereby establish such an organization and bind ourselves to abide by the provisions of the following Constitution and Bylaws.


Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Interfraternity Council of the University of South Alabama.

Section 2: The name of the organization shall henceforth be referred to as “USA IFC.”


Section 1: To create, perpetuate, and to maintain constructive fraternity relationships;

Section 2: To enhance mutual respect, assistance, and cooperation among member groups;

Section 3: To foster understanding of the structure and methods of operation among organizations;

Section 4: To address matters of mutual concern to the member groups;

Section 5: To serve as the conduit for such action plans as they may be developed;

Section 6: To enrich the campus community through community service and philanthropic activity;

Section 7: To actively support individual organization endeavors on campus, in the community, and state;

Section 8: And, to recognize the achievements of the council and its members.

Section 9: To instill in member groups the highest regard for the traditions and institutions of South Alabama.


Section 1a: Membership in USA IFC shall include the current list of Fraternal Organizations on the campus of the University of South Alabama. As of March 2015, this list includes: Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi, and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Section 1b: Membership into USA IFC shall be extended to any fraternity member organization that follows the membership expansion policy outlined in the USA IFC Bylaws.

Section 2: A member organization, in order to remain in active status, shall be in good standing financially and judicially with the University of South Alabama, USA IFC and their respective inter/national organization.

Section 3: Each organization shall maintain at least a 2.5 GPA each semester. Those organizations failing to do so shall be under academic probation and social probation until it is reported that the organization does meet the grade point average requirement.

Section 4: Each organization shall adhere to the principle delegate strength of two (2) representatives of their respective chapter at all general body meetings of USA IFC.

Section 5: Each semester every organization shall submit a roster of active members for the Greek Life Office by the date set by the Coordinator of Greek Life.


Section 1: The officers of USA IFC shall be President, Vice President Judicial, Vice President of Recruitment, Vice President of Education, Secretary, Treasurer, Philanthropy Chair, and Member-At-Large. The Executive Board shall consist of the USA IFC officers.

Section 2: The officers shall serve for one year, upon installation at the end of the fall semester. After election or selection the incoming officers shall attend the USA IFC general body meetings as ex-officio members.


Section 1: The offices of USA IFC shall be popularly elected by one vote per active chapter.

Section 2: In case the President is unable to complete his or her term of office, the Vice President Judicial shall assume the duties of the President on approval of a three fourths majority of USA IFC. Vacancies other than the President shall be filled by a chapter delegate in a special election. They shall be elected by a simple majority vote of USA IFC.


Section 1: Candidates for an USA IFC officer position on the Executive Board must complete an application for the purposes of officer qualification verification and platform introduction.

Section 2a: Candidates for the offices of President must have served on the USA IFC Executive Board prior to election.

Section 2b: Regular attendance is defined as approximately fifty percent (50%) of the previous semester’s general body meetings.

Section 3: Candidates must have at least an overall 2.7 grade point average at the time of nomination.

Section 4: Candidates must be a member in good standing, academically, financially, and judicially with their respective member organization which must be in good standing with USA IFC and the University.


Section 1: The Greek Board of Magistrates may remove any officer for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office.

Section 2: Grounds for the removal from office for any officer shall be:

Section 2a: Failure to carry out the duties of their office (as deemed by the USA IFC Delegates, Executive Board, and Advisor), violation of any regulations, or other legislation of USA IFC and the University;

Section 2b: Inappropriate conduct unbecoming of an USA IFC Executive Board officer and member of the Greek Community;

Section 2c: And, failure to maintain the academic standards of USA IFC officers and failure stay in good standing, academically, financially, and judicially with the officer’s member organization and the University.

Section 3: All decisions will be made through the Greek Board of Magistrates unless the officer fails to continue to meet USA IFC Officer Qualification’s specific to academic performance and being a member in good standing.

Section 4: Officers that do not meet the academic standards set forth by the council will be immediately removed from office by the Advisor.


Section 1: The general body meetings of USA IFC will be held biweekly.

Section 2: All special meetings of this organization shall be called by the President. All member organizations should be notified in writing of any special meetings called three (3) business days in advance.

Section 3: Member organization delegates are responsible for notifying their chapter members of all regularly scheduled general body meetings and special meetings of USA IFC.

Section 4: The Advisor shall be aware of all general body meetings of USA IFC and all executive board meetings of USA IFC.

Section 5: Member organization delegates, USA IFC officers and the IFC Advisor shall be the only persons allowed to request the floor unless by special consent of the President.


Section 1: Each active member organization shall have one (1) vote and may not vote if the member organization is not in financial good standing with USA IFC.

Section 2: Only the Greek Board of Magistrates may vote on decisions pertaining to any one member organization.

Section 3: Voting by ballot is taken upon request of any USA IFC Delegate.

Section 4: The Executive Board shall have one vote whenever this vote will affect the result. The Executive Board’s vote shall consist of a majority rule among the board members listed in Article IV.


Section 1: The Advisor for USA IFC will be appointed from the Office of Greek Life.

Section 3: The Advisor may counsel, discuss, and debate, but they may not vote nor hold any elected office.


Section 1: USA IFC and its member organizations recognize they continue to exist at the invitation of the University of South Alabama and hereby affirm their shared commitment to adhere to all University policies including those listed in the Lowdown and the Statement of Relationships and Expectations for Fraternities and Sororities at the University of South Alabama.

Section 2: USA IFC recognizes its relationship with the North-American Interfraternity Conference and acknowledges NIC resolutions, policies, procedures, and best practices.

Section 3: USA IFC binds itself not only to this Constitution and its Bylaws but also to all current and future policies passed by the USA IFC.


Section 1: The constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the council by two thirds (2/3) vote of the active member organizations, provided that:

Section 1a: Proposed amendment is submitted in proper written form.

Section 1b: Vote will take place one meeting after the amendment is submitted.

Section 2: The Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the council by simple majority vote of the active member organizations provided that:

Section 2a: Proposed amendment is submitted in proper written form.

Section 2b: Vote will take place one meeting after the amendment is submitted.