Employment Opportunities


Community Director (CD)

Currently not available.

Desk Assistant (DA)
Currently not available.
Facilities Assistant (FA)

The summer Facilities Assistant (FA) is a student assistant position within Housing Facilities at the University of South Alabama. The Housing Facilities team serves to support the day to day operations of the USA Housing Facilities. The Facilities Assistant is supervised, hired, and trained by the Assistant Director, Housing Services & Custodial.

To find out more, including additional requirements and qualifications review the full FA Position Description.  If you still have questions after viewing, please contact Monica Davidson, Chair of the FA Selection Process at madavidson@southalabama.edu or (251) 460-7655.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Currently not available.

Conference Assistant (CA)

The Conference Assistant (CA) is a student assistant position within the department of Housing at the University of South Alabama (South). Please review the CA Position Description to learn the duties, responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications associated with the CA position.

More information will be available for Summer 2021 closer to that time.