Moving Out

Spring 2020 CLOSING  
We are glad you chose to LIVE ON campus at South! Be sure to follow the steps below to properly complete the check-out process.
In response to the serious public health threat from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, the University of South Alabama residence halls are closed until on-campus classes resume. 

All students should vacate and retrieve any necessary belongings from their residence hall rooms as soon as possible, but no later than Saturday, May 8 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

If you have extenuating circumstances and are not able to vacate or retrieve necessary belongings by the May 8 deadline, please email as soon as possible.

Please familiarize yourself with the check-out process outlined below to help you have a more successful experience when you do check-out AND avoid any unnecessary charges.

Please review the steps for express check-out steps here based on if you were either approved for a Spring Break Extension or not. Each option will detail the respective express check-out process in detail. 
BEFORE your express check-out is completed, be sure to complete the items below. If these items have not been completed prior to your completed express check-out, the student will be subject to a $75 Improper Check-Out fee. 
  • Remove all personal belongings and trash from your room
  • Clean your room/apartment/suite (including bathroom, floors, drawers, closets, fridge/appliances, and kitchen - if applicable)
NOTE: Rooms with belongings or trash left at the time of appointment (that do not belong to remaining resident(s) if applicable) will not be cleared for check-out and student will be required to reschedule for a later time after these items have been addressed. Be sure to take your bike (if applicable) as it may be tagged for removal.


A $50.00 lock change charge may be assessed if the room key is not returned at check-out. Failure to follow the check-out procedures may result in a $75.00 assessment fee for improper check-out. Moreover, the resident may be assessed fees for room damages.