Conference Housing Reservation Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Conference Housing at the University of South Alabama. Please take the time to complete Sections 1 - 6 of the online form and then click submit. You should receive confirmation of this form's receipt from Conference Housing via email.
  SECTION ONE - General Information
Name of Camp / Conference
Group Purpose
Has your group stayed with USA Housing before?
  Yes         No
If so, what year?
  SECTION TWO - Client / Sponsor / Coordinator Information
Sponsor Name
Sponsor Title
USA Department Name
Coordinator Name
Organization's Name
Street Address
Coordinator's E-Mail Address
Coordinator's Office Phone
Coordinator's Fax Number
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Number to Call for On-Site Emergencies:
  SECTION THREE - Dates of Stay
Conference Housing availability each year is based on USA’s academic calendar.

Does your Camp / Conference Group have multiple sessions?
  Yes         No
If yes, please note groups with multiple sessions should provide a separate request form for each session and submit all requests together.

Indicate Your Preference for the Following:
Check-In Date
Check-In Time
Check-Out Date
Check-Out Time
Total Number of Nights
Are your dates flexible?
  Yes         No         Within 1-2 Weeks
  SECTION FOUR - Number of Participants, Group Age, Type of Bed, and Linens
Indicate Estimated Number of Participants and Supervisors/Chaperones (If applicable)

Note: 1 supervisor/chaperone per 10 guests - minimum and maximum. Chaperones that exceed the given ratio will be charged at the same rate of a guest/participant

Male Participants
Male Supervisors/Chaperones
Overall Estimated Total Number of Participants
Female Participants
Female Supervisors/Chaperones
Total Number of Estimated Participants
Total Number of Estimated Chaperones
Indicate Group Age of Participants (check all that apply)

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
Indicate Your Preference for Type of Bed Space (check all that apply)

  Azalea Double Occupancy (2-person room)
How many?
  Azalea Single Occupancy (1-person room)
How many?
  Camellia Double Occupancy (2-person room)
How many?
  Camellia Single Occupancy (1-person room)
How many?
  Delta 6 Double Occupancy (2-person room)
How many?
  Delta 6 Single Occupancy (1-person room)
How many?
  Epsilon Double Occupancy (2-person room)
How many?
  Epsilon Single Occupancy (1-person room)
How many?
  Stokes Hall Suite-Style Room (1-person per bedroom)
How many?
  Please check here if you anticipate any of your participants requiring ADA housing accommodations.
Indicate Your Need for Linens (check all that apply)

  Basic Set (1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 towels, and 1 wash cloth)
How many?
  Deluxe Set (Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 towels, 1 wash cloth, 1 pillow case, and 1 blanket)
How many?
  Premium Set (Set includes: Deluxe Linen Set + pillow purchase (guest has option to keep pillow)
How many?
  N/A – I have no need for linens
Indicate Your Preference for How Your Room Assignments Are Made

Please refer to the Conference Housing Guide, pages 8-9 for a detailed description of each option

  Option 1
  Option 2
  Option 3
Indicate Your Need for Common Areas or Storage Space During Your Stay

(Common Area Space is defined as any lockable space used for the purposes of storage, meetings, or a common gathering area or participants)

  Yes, I need space
  No, I do not need space
If Yes, how many Common Area (lockable) rooms are you requesting?
  SECTION FIVE - Review the USA Housing and Dining Conference Housing Guide
The Sponsor, Group Coordinator, and its Group Participants agree to review the Conference Housing Guide ( prior to arrival and abide by all policies and regulations of the University that are effective during the period of stay. These policies and regulations include the contents of the Conference Housing Guide and the Code of Student Conduct ( The Sponsor and/or Group Coordinator must make certain that each Group Participant is aware of the policies found within the Conference Housing Guide prior to arrival.
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  SECTION SIX - Authorized Signature
This Conference Housing Reservation Request Form is not a legal contract/agreement. All requests are subject to approval by USA Housing and Dining and are based on date and space availability. A pre-conference invoice will be sent to the sponsor or coordinator when the group's request is confirmed.
I hereby verify that I am an authorized representative of this organization and have authorization to enter into a legal contract.

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