Two male students playing video games in their dorm room.


Let's talk about the benefits of having a roommate!

Studies show that students who have a roommate their first year tend to have an increased GPA and a healthier lifestyle that promotes both personal fitness and a greater sense of balance.

Additionally, students who have a roommate gain a greater appreciation for diversity and seem to connect to campus life in a greater way!

(Institutional Research, University of South Alabama - 2019)

Want to have a guest stay overnight? Talk about it with your roommate and click here to access the Overnight Guest Request Form.

Academic Year 2023-2024 Manage Roommates Timeline

November 1              'Manage Roommates' OPENS (My USAHousing) - must have a completed contract to access
  Preferred roommates are encouraged to be mutually accepted BEFORE participating in a Room Swap Period or Room Selection.
April 1 'Manage Roommates' CLOSES. Space is MUCH more limited after this date, preventing the ability to accommodate specific roommate requests.
*Dates are subject to change.