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*Course availability is based on per semester enrollment levels.
English Language Arts
EH 101: English Composition I
EH 102: English Composition II
EH 225: American Literature before 1865
MA 110: Finite Mathematics
MA 112: Pre-calculus Algebra
MA 113: Pre-calculus Trigonometry
MA 115: Pre-cal Algebra-Trigonometry
MA 125: Calculus I
ST 210: Stat Reason & Application
*In the absence of ACT scores, a placement test will be required.
BLY 101: Life Science I
BLY 101L: Life Science I Lab*
BLY 102: Life Science II
BLY 102L: Life Science II Lab*
BLY 121: General Biology I
BLY 121L: General Biology I Lab*
BLY 122: General Biology II
BLY 122L: General Biology II Lab*
CH 131: General Chemistry I
CH 131L: General Chemistry I Lab*
*Check with department for teaching modality.
Social Studies
GEO 101: Environmental Geography
GEO 101L: Environmental Geography Lab
GEO 102: Changing Earth
GEO 102L: Changing Earth Lab
GEO 114: Intro to Human Geography
GEO 115: World Regional Geography
PSC 130: Intro to U.S. Government
ECO 215: Principles of Microeconomics
Foreign Languages
LG 131: Introductory Spanish I
LG 132: Introductory Spanish II
ARH 100: Survey of Art
ARS 101: Art Appreciation
CA 100: Intro to Communication
CJ 105: Intro to Criminal Justice
DRA 110: Intro to Theatre
PHL 131: Introduction to Ethics
PSY 120: Introduction to Psychology
SY 109: Introductory Sociology

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