International Studies Program Overview

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Students at the University of South Alabama can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies degree or minor in International Studies. The International Studies program provides a unique combination of course work and opportunities outside of the classroom, through internships and study abroad, to become competent in our globalized world. International Studies majors must choose one of five degree concentrations, complete the IS Core, and a pre-professional program. The pre-professional program takes the place of a traditional minor.

Choose a Concentration

All concentrations in the International Studies degree program prepare students well for international careers or further study, but see your adviser to discuss which option is best for you. Concentrations consist of 24 hours of credit. All include 6 hours of a foreign language at the 200-level.



▼   Major Core Requirements

All students complete these core requirements:

  • IS 100 Global Issues
  • PSC 250 Comparative Politics
  • PSC 270 International Relations
  • GEO 312 World Economic Geography (note the pre-requisite:  GEO 114)
  • PHL/REL 352 World Religions
  • IS 495 Senior Seminar
▼   Pre-Professional Programs

The Pre-professional program replaces the traditional minor and provides students with a skill set appropriate to careers and further study in the global marketplace. All pre-professional programs require 21 credit hours. Double majors are not required to complete a pre-professional program. 

  • International Business
  • Language Specialization (currently available in French, German, Russian, Spanish)
  • Personalized Pre-Professional Program (requires authorization from the Director and Dean)
▼   Minor in International Studies

The minor consists of 21 credit hours, of which 9 must be completed at the 300 or 400 level.  It is an excellent complement to a major in any of the core disciplines.


  • IS 100 Global Issues
  • PSC 250 Comparative Politics
  • PSC 270 International Relations
  • GEO 312 World Economic Geography (note the pre-requisite:  GEO 114)
  • 9 hours of international studies electives.
▼   Study Abroad

International Studies students are also encouraged to study abroad in order to:

  • Enhance foreign-language skills and deepen knowledge of other cultures.
  • Increase appreciation for other perspectives.
  • Discover new approaches to political and social questions.
  • Broaden understanding of the forces of globalization. 

Students may study abroad at any point during their program. International studies majors have recently studied in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central America. Internship credit may also be earned abroad. Click here for more information on the latest study abroad opportunities offered by the University of South Alabama.

▼   International Studies Internships

International Studies students earn college credit and valuable experience through internships with local and international businesses and organizations. These opportunities help graduates enter the private and public sectors with the skills needed in an interdependent world. For more information, email