International Studies

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“A great deal of world politics is a fundamental struggle, but it is also a struggle that has to be waged intelligently.” 
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Why International Studies?

The International Studies Program offers a multi-disciplinary and multi-college program designed to prepare students for the needs of our global society. The program, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, combines the study of foreign language and culture with broad training in international studies, regional studies, international relations, and international business. 

The International Studies Program can be personalized in many ways and can include Internship, Study Abroad and Directed Study.


Internships and Careers

Each year, International Studies students earn college credit and valuable experience through internships with local and international businesses and organizations, helping our graduates enter the private and public sectors with the skills needed in an interdependent world.  Graduates also pursue further study in area studies, policy studies, peace studies, international business, language, or law.