Policies and Procedures

▼   Primary Users

I. The use of the Moulton Tower & Alumni Plaza is available to the following individuals and groups (the "Primary Users"). (Usage and/or Personnel Fees are as stated in Section VIII below.)

  • Faculty
  • Retired Faculty
  • University Administration
  • University Staff
  • Currently Enrolled University Students
  • National Alumni Association Members
  • Recognized Campus Student Groups
▼   Non-University Individuals/Organizations

II. Non-University individuals or organizations may reserve space if available and the following conditions are met:

  1. Must be sponsored by one of the Primary Users cited above
  2. The function does not directly compete with USA Programming.
  3. The non-university individual or organization (the "Presenting Entity/User) is responsible for appropriate Usage Fees, Personnel Fees and Insurance and agrees to the conditions outlined in the reservation confirmation.
  4. For all events, the Primary User or, if it is a group, the authorized representative of the Primary User and the Presenting Entity / User must be present for the duration of the event and available for consultation by University staff if necessary.
  5. The Presenting Entity/User must complete the online Facility Reservation Request, which is available at www.mitchellcenter.com.
▼   Additional Usage Criteria

III. Additional Usage Criteria

  1. Usage shall be subject to the established rules and regulations of the University of South Alabama.
  2. No reservations will be accepted for functions whose purpose is to sell, directly or indirectly, a service or product, or solicit prospective business, which will financially benefit any individual or entity.
  3. Reserved area(s) may not be accessed prior to the agreed upon starting time and must be vacated by the agreed upon ending time. Only reserved area(s) may be utilized.
  4. Tent usage and placement must have prior approval which will be indicated in the written confirmation. All approved setup times, conditions and locations must be met. Because of the existing underground utilities and water lines, tents will not be allowed in certain areas. No holes can be drilled on the concrete areas of the site for the placement of any items or structures.
  5. Items may not be taped, pinned, nailed, bolted, or otherwise affixed to any permanent part of the Tower, Plaza or Amphitheater. All signage and decorations must be approved in advance by Mitchell Center personnel.
  6. Damage to any part of the Tower structure, Plaza, Walk or Amphitheater area or equipment during the use of said facilities by the Primary User, the Presenting Entity/User, their agents, employees, or attendees, must be immediately reported.
  7. The contracted user will be charged for the cost of post event cleaning, repair, and/or equipment replacement. Failure to return all items in the condition in which they were received will result in the Contracted User being billed for their repair or replacement.
  8. Furnishings rented from the University may not be moved without prior approval of the Mitchell Center Director. No items that are permanently affixed to the property can be removed at any time.
▼   Common Use

IV. Common Use
The Tower, Plaza, Walk and Amphitheater areas are open for common use twenty-four hours per day. Modification of common use access will be communicated via signage and the Mitchell Center website. Reservations and/or scheduled events will take place during the following time periods.

Days of the week Starting Time Ending Time
Monday through Friday 12:00 PM 11:00 PM
Saturday 5:00 AM 11:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM


▼   Reservations and Scheduled Events

V. Reservations and Scheduled Event

  1. All reservations will be managed by Mitchell Center personnel. Primary Users have priority reservation privileges. All reservations will be confirmed by the Mitchell Center Director in the order in which the Facility Reservation Request was received.
  2. Wedding ceremonies only, may be approved for the Tower and Plaza.
    Wedding receptions are prohibited at these locations.
▼   Food Service

VI. Food Service

All catering shall be provided by USA Dining Services which is professionally managed by the Aramark Company. All Users will conform to the established University of South Alabama policies related to food service. At no time will any User be allowed to bring outside food and/or beverages to the Tower or Plaza area. All Users will contact USA Dining Service directly at (251) 460-7948 for catering services.

▼   Alcohol

VII. Alcohol

The service of alcohol at the Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza area must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. If approved, alcohol may only be served by the USA Dining Services (Aramark) and must conform to established University rules. No User or their invited guest may bring alcohol onto the property at any time.

▼   Fees and Payment

VIII. Fees and Payment

All organizations and individuals renting the facilities will be charged according to the established fee scheduled listed below.

University Venue Fee

Moulton Tower, Alumni Plaza and Walk, Chi Omega Amphitheater $350.00
Moulton Tower, Alumni Plaza $250.00
Chi Omega Amphitheater $100.00
University Academic Purpose – All Areas N/C

Non-University with Sponsor Fee
Moulton Tower, Alumni Plaza and Walk, Chi Omega Amphitheater $1000.00
Moulton Tower, Alumni Plaza $800.00
Chi Omega Amphitheater $550.00

  • Fees do not include any warranted insurance coverage, staffing and equipment.
  • DEPOSIT: Half of the rental fee is due to confirm the event and must be received as indicated on the written confirmation. The deposit can be paid by check made payable to the University of South Alabama, or credit card.
  • RENTAL FEE DUE DATE: The remaining rental fee is due as listed on the written confirmation.
  • DAMAGE POLICY: The group or organization using the facility will be responsible for any damages to the property or extraordinary clean-up resulting from the activities of the event.
  • Reservations are required for all university academic purpose activities.
▼   Reservation/Cancellation Contract
IX. Reservation/Cancellation Contract

The university shall have the right to withdraw and terminate permission herein given at any time the User breaches or fails to comply with or abide by any of the terms and conditions herein stated. University may also cancel with three months notice if University has need for the venue. Upon either type of termination, User shall promptly vacate the venue. User further agrees that in event of such termination, the University shall have no direct liability for any direct or consequential damages or loss that User may suffer or incur as a consequence of such termination. University shall retain the right to cause the interruption of any performance in the interest of public safety, and to likewise cause the termination of such activity when, in the sole judgment of the venue staff to evacuate the premises because of a threat or for other reasons of public safety. User will retain possession of the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of the event with out additional rental charge providing such time does not interfere with another User. If at the discretion of venue management it is not possible to complete presentation of the activity, rental shall be forfeited, prorated, or adjusted at the discretion of venue management based on the situation and User waives any claims for damages or compensation from University.

▼   Force Majeure

X. Force Majeure

This Agreement is terminable by either party should circumstances beyond the control of User or University necessitate cancellation of the event to which this Agreement refers. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to: sickness, strike, riot, accident or disaster, disruption of public transportation, storm or other severe weather conditions, intervening illegality, or closing of the venue due to energy shortages, inadequate electrical power, destruction, or other cause rendering the venue unsuitable for Tenant on the time and date specified. It is agreed that neither of the parties to this Agreement will be held responsible for damages for reasons of postponement or cancellation of this event. Circumstances which render this event more difficult than originally contemplated, or require performance at a loss of profit will not excuse the event. Both parties bear the risk of unanticipated contingencies rendering performance of this event difficult, but not impossible. Should cancellations for any of the above enumerated circumstances become necessary, the canceling party shall document in writing the circumstances resulting in the cancellation and send the same to the non-canceling party within forty-eight (48) hours or as soon as practicable after the initial notice of cancellation.

▼   Public Safety

XI. Public Safety

University Police must be used for public safety as deemed necessary by the Mitchell Center Director. The fee for police services will be billed as listed on the confirmation. University Police reserve the right to call in additional officers should the need warrant, and User will be billed accordingly.
Event Staffing
Warranted event staffing will be determined by the Mitchell Center Director and billed to the User as appropriate. The use of volunteers and/or other contractors must be approved in writing no less than 10 calendar days prior the scheduled event.
Primary parking for guest participating in functions at the Tower, Plaza, Walk and Amphitheater areas will be the Engineering Parking Lot. This lot is located next to the function area and is accessible via USA South Drive.

▼   Smoking

XII. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed at the Tower, Plaza, Walk or Amphitheater areas

▼   Additional Services

XV. Additional Services

  • Bells and Chime service will be available as listed below.

University policy states that the Tower bells will play the Westminster chimes and number of peals indicating the hour from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m., 7 days a week, without any interruption except in special circumstances such as commencement or weddings. Other special programming requests will be reviewed on a case-by- case basis.

Request for programming can be submitted through the Facility Reservation Request located at www.mitchellcenter.com .

Evening and weekend requests will require a fee at the rates listed below:
Weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Official University functions - No charge if approved. Limited to official Jag Fight Song and alma mater.

Week nights 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
University and Non-University users: $75.00 per hour, limited to official Jag Fight song, and alma mater.

Weekends, Holidays 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
University and Non-University users: $85.00 per hour for first two hours, $40 for each additional hour, two hour minimum. Songs limited to Jag Fight Song and alma mater. Wedding processional and recessional available for weddings.

  • All tent requests must be arranged via Mitchell Center Staff. Any structure requiring core drilled anchors or stakes are prohibited.
  • The use of any vendor engaged by the User must be acknowledged to the Mitchell Center Director in writing no later than seven business days from the event date.
  • Shuttle services for Tower functions are available. The cost of this service will be provided after a needs assessment has been completed.
▼   Revisions

XVI. These policies are regularly reviewed and revisions are made as appropriate. An official copy of these policies is available at the Administrative Office of the Mitchell Center and will be provided to all who reserve space.