Frequently Asked Questions

▼   What time can I park outside my assigned zone?
Zones are enforced until 3:45pm, after that time students may park in any available white lined STUDENT space with a valid student permit properly displayed.
▼   Where can I park if I think my assigned commuter zone is full?

Students with South, Central, and Beta/Gamma permits may park in the Gamma parking lot before 3:45 pm. (HINT: Many times students will find it quicker and less frustrating by utilizing the back entrance to the Gamma lot from Jaguar Blvd.)

Commuter students with validly displayed permits may park in the new Aux Lot Northeast located off Cleverdon Drive. JagTran provides several stops along the RED route from the Aux Parking Lot to Health Sciences, the Bio-Medical Library and the Medical Sciences Buildings.

▼   If I live at Central House, can I choose a zone? 
No, Central House residents are considered on campus residents and are required to obtain a university Residential permit. They may park in any white lined student space after 3:45pm Monday - Friday.  
▼   If I don’t have a parking permit displayed, why did I receive a zone violation citation?
Zoned lots are reserved for permit holders with the corresponding zoned parking permit properly displayed in their vehicle. Removing a permit to park out of zone or failure to display the correct permit will result in a zone violation AND a no permit visible citation.
▼   How soon should I receive my parking permit after ordering?
Permits are delivered by the US Postal Services. Delivery time varies, but typically requires 2-3 weeks. It may be longer for apartment complexes. A dorm room number is not considered a valid USPS mailing address. Please call Parking Services at 461-1481 if you have not received your permit 3 weeks after placing the order.
▼   If I take online, night or weekend classes, do I need a student permit?
Permits are required in vehicles 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Student permits are easy to obtain online and only cost $5.
▼   If I live in the Residence Halls can I park in blue employee (f/s) spaces overnight?

No. Blue employee (f/s) spaces are enforced 24/7 in all residential areas. This is also indicated on signage in front of or adjacent to those spaces.

▼   Where are Residents supposed to park if there are no spaces near my residential building?

Additional parking is available in the gravel Auxiliary West Parking Lot and in the Greek parking lots (205, 206, 308, 309, & 310). These  are non-zoned lots and any valid student permit may park in this lot.

The only Residents permitted to park  on Jaguar Blvd are Beta/Gamma Residents displaying a current Beta/Gamma permit. Parking along Jaguar Blvd between Old Shell Rd and the 4-way intersection (near the Recreation Center) is prohibited after 11pm each night.

▼   Will an outstanding citation balance keep me from registering for classes or getting my transcript?

Yes. Citation balances of $200 or more will prevent students from registering for classes. Any citation balance will prevent the you from receiving or viewing a your transcript. Make sure you read and follow the Traffic Rules & Regulations at all times to ensure you don’t run into problems with citation balances.