Parking Highlights

Fellow Jaguars!  Parking Services would like to welcome new and returning students to campus for Fall 2021!  We hope you had a good summer! To help keep you informed, in case you missed it in the Traffic Rules and Regulations, we wanted to highlight some key areas of change or clarification in regards to parking on campus this year. 

  • Residential Students are prohibited from parking in Commuter Zones until after 3:45 pm M-F. With a little pre-planning, walking, biking or utilizing JagTran from the residential areas (including Central House on Stadium), are great alternatives to driving to class! Staying parked in the residential areas and not parking in commuter lots, not only leaves spaces open for commuter students who don’t already have on-campus parking for their vehicles, it also reduces traffic loads and driver frustration for everyone on campus throughout the day. Additional parking for Residents is in the Auxiliary West lot located behind Greek Housing. 
  • License Plate Recognition-The university is currently utilizing a License Plate Recognition program for parking enforcement. Vehicles are required to park with their license plates facing out. Backing into spaces or pulling through is not permitted.
  • Beta residents, along with Gamma residents, will be issued a Beta/Gamma Permit and will restricted to parking on Jaguar Boulevard north of the Gamma Connector and also in the Gamma parking lot.  This includes overnight parking in other residential lots.  
  • Faculty/staff (Blue) spaces in the Residential zone are enforced 24 hours a day. This means no overnight parking in designated blue employee spaces without an employee permit.
  • Central House on Stadium Residents  Central House residents are considered on campus residents and will be issued a USA Residential permit to display alongside their Central House decal.    
  • Only COMMUTER students are permitted to park in the Mitchell Center gravel parking lot when it is available (it is subject to further restriction or full closure at the discretion of Mitchell Center management).  Residential permits (including the Grove) are not permitted until after 3:45 pm.
  • Meisler Hall lot is a TOUR VISITOR ONLY lot.  There are no student parking spaces available in this lot.  Students will need to park in their respective zones until 3:45pm and in student spaces thereafter to visit Meisler Hall.  
  • Outstanding Ticket Fines-Students with an outstanding parking ticket balance of $200 or more will have a registration hold placed on their account.  Returning students should promptly log on to their parking account and ensure that if they have a balance from prior semesters, that it doesn’t exceed $199.  If so, the balance will need to be reduced below that threshold to avoid the registration hold for the Spring semester. Any citations not appealed within 20 days of issuance are considered FINAL. For more information on citation appeals, check out the Traffic & Parking Regulations on the Parking Services webpage.
  • Visitor Parking Spaces are reserved for official guests of the university with a valid Official Visitor Parking Permit. Students and employees are prohibited from parking in Official Visitor Parking spaces and must park in their respective zones/spaces.  Students, employees and University departments are responsible for informing their guests of the need to have an an Official Visitor Parking permit. University departments may contact Parking Services for more information about how to conveniently assist their guests.
  • Dining Hall for Commuter Students/Employees- Commuter students and employees are strongly encouraged to utilize JagTran or walk to the Fresh Food Company on Tonsmeire Dr.  All lots immediately surrounding the dining hall are zoned as RESIDENTIAL.  However, the gravel Auxiliary West Lot west of Greek Row is a non-zoned lot.  This means that if your vehicle displays a valid university parking permit, you may park in this lot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  •  Game Day Parking - Greek Housing lots and the Auxiliary West lot is reserved for game day parking and is closed to all vehicles, including residential students, prior to and during events held at the Hancock Whitney Stadium. Vehicles without the proper credentials are subject to towing at the owner or operator's expense if not moved from these lots at the announced or published date and time. For more information, please refer to USA Athletics at

To see where the JagTran shuttles are in real time, you can follow them on your smartphone via the JagTran Tracker webpage at: