Postdoctoral Annual Review Procedure


Preparation for the Review by the Post-Doc Fellow:

In preparation for the annual review meeting, each Post-Doc Fellow should use the MyIDP tool to do a self-assessment and provide inputs relative to directions for professional development.  The Post-Doc Fellow will print summary information for the self-assessment based Individual Development Plan (IDP) that results from the use of the MyIDP tool and bring this document to the Annual Review Meeting.

If the Post-Doc Fellow is new to the position at USA, the Post-Doc Fellow should accomplish an initial self-assessment using the MyIDP tool at the time of hire.   A copy of the summary information should be turned in to the mentor upon completion.  This document will be used as an initial baseline to track development progress. 

Schedule and Prepare for the Meeting:

The Post-Doc Fellow and mentor will schedule a meeting time and place for the annual review meeting.   The mentor will perform the professional development review as part of the regular comprehensive annual review at the regularly scheduled time for such reviews.  The Post-Doc Fellow should bring the summary information from the MyIDP tool to the meeting as well as material related to research project progress as appropriate.  Some mentors may require additional relevant material in a specific format. 

Hold the Meeting:

The mentor and Post-Doc Fellow will review and discuss the progress of the Post-Doc Fellow relative to the specific research project and the progress of the Post-Doc Fellow in terms of professional development.  The summary information from the MyIDP tool furnished by the Post-Doc Fellow will be used to help review the Post-Doc Fellow’s professional development.

Document the Meeting.

The results of the annual review will be documented by the mentor using the Post-Doctoral Annual Review Form (Click here for the Annual Review Form). Both the Post-Doc Fellow and the mentor will sign the form.  The Post-Doc Fellow signature indicates the information on the form has been communicated but does not necessarily indicate that the Post-Doc Fellow completely agrees with all the content.  A copy of this form with any addendum will be sent by the mentor to appropriate management and to the Office of Post-Doc Fellow Education.


Policy requires at least one such review per year, some mentors may require more frequent reviews and/or additional documentation.


Click Here for a printable version of these policies.