College of Medicine

Center for Healthy Communities

The Center for Healthy Communities is the lead entity within the University of South Alabama for coordinating community education, research, public service and health activities to help eliminate health disparities, foster access to healthcare for underserved populations and enhance the capacity of individuals to better participate in decision making about their health.

The Center's mission is closely aligned to the Healthy People 2010 agenda and initiatives for underserved individuals and communities.

This mission is carried out through collaborative multi-disciplinary community and university based research, education and training programs designed to help develop "healthy sustainable communities."

Successful implementation of this mission requires the establishment of trusting relationships with minority and underserved populations, healthcare providers and scholars within the academic community.

Center for Lung Biology

The Center for Lung Biology seeks to provide state of the art scientific development in lung biology that advances the understanding of human health and disease, to improve patient care and serve as the foundation for outstanding graduate, post-graduate, and fellowship training.

Center for Strategic Health Innovation

The Center for Strategic Health Innovation (CSHI) is a unit within the College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama. The Center is a nationally recognized leader in innovative healthcare technology application and the development and deployment of healthcare technology platforms, as well as the delivery of advanced preparedness teaching and training. CSHI serves as a national leader in disaster preparedness and strives to improve quality and decrease costs of medical care provided to patients, providers, and payors through health information technology and research.