Research Education Events with Active Registration

Seed Grant in Support of the Arts and Humanities Workshops

February 8, 14, 19, 22

All applicants (new or previous awardees, with the exception of anyone who took one of the original series of workshops in Fall 2017) to the Seed Grant in Support of the Arts and Humanities must attend a 45-minute applicant workshop at least once every two years to be eligible to submit to this program. See registration form or events calendar for complete event details including time and location.

Registration required. Registrants should bring a laptop or device to the workshop.

2017-2018 Responsible Conduct of Research Training Series

First Thursdays, 12-1pm (brown bag lunch)

Education in the responsible conduct of research provides a shared understanding of the rules and ethical norms to perform research.   Researchers have both professional and regulatory-related responsibilities to conducting research responsibly, such as practicing scholarly activities and research with integrity.  RCR training aims to develop commonality in building shared values in order to promote a culture of compliance, and empowerment to continue conversations within the work environment. 

Participation:  Faculty, Postdoctoral Students, and Senior Graduate Students are encouraged to participate.   

More information (including registration) is available online.

 If you don't see a research training topic/session open for registration, please check the events calendar for information about the next session being offered.