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Updates to Common Rule - IRB Regulations

Changes to the Common Rule, the primary rule regulating human subjects research, go into effect on January 19, 2018. A number of USA IRB policies and procedures will be updated as a result of the changes to the rule. Please note that only studies approved after 1/19/18 will be governed by the new rule; currently existing studies will not transition to the new rule.

Investigators will see a number of changes required under the new rule:

· Consent forms will now require a concise summary of study activities, risks, and benefits presented to research participants in advance of the body of the consent document. The IRB will not require re-consent, except when other significant changes are made.
· Additional elements of informed consent are required to be included in consent forms – these will be included in the USA sample consent template document.
· Minimal Risk studies reviewed via the expedited procedure after the new rule goes into effect will no longer require annual continuing review under the new rule, but will require a very brief check-in with the IRB each year. The requirement to submit amendments and reportable safety events to the IRB has not changed.
· The Common Rule regulations are separate from FDA regulations. The FDA regulations have NOT changed, so FDA still requires annual continuing review for FDA-regulated studies, even those relatively rare Minimal Risk FDA-regulated studies.

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Update to Common Rule - IRB Regulations Informational Sessions Flyer (PDF)


2017-2018 Responsible Conduct of Research Training Series

Education in the responsible conduct of research provides a shared understanding of the rules and ethical norms to perform research.   Researchers have both professional and regulatory-related responsibilities to conducting research responsibly, such as practicing scholarly activities and research with integrity.  RCR training aims to develop commonality in building shared values in order to promote a culture of compliance, and empowerment to continue conversations within the work environment. 

Participation:  Faculty, Postdoctoral Students, and Senior Graduate Students are encouraged to participate.   

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