Act of Establishment

The Alabama Legislature Code of Alabama 1975

  •Title 16 Education

    •Chapter 55 University of South Alabama

      •Section 16-55-1 Governor, State Superintendent of Education and trustees constituted public body corporate.

      •Section 16-55-2 Board of trustees - Appointment; terms; vacancies; compensation and expenses.

      •Section 16-55-3 Board of trustees - Rights, privileges and authority.

      •Section 16-55-4 Board of trustees - Powers as to organization and administration.

      •Section 16-55-5 Board of trustees - Trustees divided into classes; initial terms.

      •Section 16-55-6 Board of trustees - Quorum; meetings.

      •Section 16-55-6.1 Board of trustees - Participation in meetings by electronic communications.

      •Section 16-55-7 Scholarships to school of nursing - Distribution.

      •Section 16-55-8 Scholarships to school of nursing - Who eligible.

      •Section 16-55-9 Scholarships to school of nursing - Amount and conditions; selection of recipients.

      •Section 16-55-10 Police officers.