Student Policies and Complaints

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Student Policies

Complaints Related to Title IX Policy
Title IX policy prohibits sex discrimination in education. This page describes the law and provides University contact information for any related inquiries.
This webpage provides the Office of Registrar’s process for grade changes and the grade replacement policy.
USA Refund Policy
This webpage provides the Office of Student Accounting’s breakdown of payment information including deadlines and refund policies.

Student Complaints

Note:  For all student complaints, information can be found on pages 140-144 of The Lowdown.
Student Complaint Policies and Contact Information
This document explains the University policy and procedures for filing a complaint with the University of South Alabama.
This document contains contact information and guidelines for submitting a complaint regarding USAonline services and lists contact information for technical assistance.
Distance Learning Complaint Contact Information
This document lists contact information for filing a complaint regarding the University’s Distance Education programs or courses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.