GY111 Physical Geology course resources are provided as an aid to learning course content, but are not substitutes for attending class. Do not use the below keys to simply memorize the superficial appearance of the samples. The lab test samples will not come from the laboratory tray specimens, but will instead be selected from my personal collection. Use mineral and rock properties such as hardness, streak, texture, etc., to identify the minerals and rocks.


Lecture 1- Introduction:

Lecture 2- Plate Tectonics:

Lecture 3- Matter & Mineral Physical Properties:

Lecture 4- Igneous Rocks:

Lecture 5- Weathering:

Lecture 6- Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks:

Lecture 7- Metamorphic Rocks:

Lecture 8- Geologic Time:

Lecture 9- Deformation:

Lecture 10- Seismic Waves & Earthquakes:

Lecture 11- Evolution of the Continents:

Lecture 12- Energy Resources:

Lecture 13- Solar System

Lecture Videos

Earth Revealed: The Restless Planet (Origin of the Earth and its place in the Solar System)

Earth Revealed: Earth’s Interior (Internal composition of the Earth)

Earth Revealed: The Development of Plate Tectonic Theory

Earth Revealed: Plate Dynamics  (Types of plate boundaries and mechanics of plate motion)

Earth Revealed: Geologic Time (Concepts of “Deep Time”)

Earth Revealed: Evolution through time (Biological evolution and Geologic Time)

Earth Revealed: Minerals  (Structure and physical properties of Minerals)

Earth Revealed: Intrusive Igneous Rocks (Formation of intrusive igneous rocks)

Earth Revealed: Volcanic Rocks (Formation of volcanic rocks)

Earth Revealed: Weathering & Soils (Weathering processes and the formation of soils)

Earth Revealed: Mass Wasting (Mass wasting processes and classification)

Earth Revealed: Sedimentary Rocks (Description and classification of sedimentary rocks)

Earth Revealed: Metamorphic Rocks (Description and classification of metamorphic rocks)

Earth Revealed: Earth’s Structures (Fold and fault structures produced by deformation)

Earth Revealed: Mountain Building (Tectonic processes that produce mountain belts)

Earth Revealed: Earthquakes (Tectonic processes that produce earthquakes)


Lab Lecture 1- Physical Properties of Minerals:

GY111 Laboratory Manual- Chapter 1 (Minerals):

Mineral Chemical Groups and Formulae:

Lab Exercise 1: Minerals

Mineral sample tray key:

Mineral Identification Chart:

 Periodic Table of the Elements:

GY111 Laboratory Manual- Chapter 2 (Igneous Rocks):

Igneous rocks tray key:

GY111 Laboratory Manual- Chapter 3 (Sedimentary Rocks):

Sedimentary Rock Classification Chart

Sedimentary rocks tray key:

GY111 Laboratory Manual- Chapter 4 (Metamorphic Rocks):

Metamorphic rocks tray key:

GY111 Laboratory Manual – Chapter 5 (Inclined Strata)

Attitude and Inclined Strata Lab Exercise

Examples of Geological Attitudes and Inclined Strata

GY111 Laboratory Manual – Chapter 6 (Folded Strata)

Folded Strata Lab Exercise

GY111 Laboratory Manual – Chapter 7 (Faulted Strata and Earthquakes)

Faulted Strata Lab Exercise

Seismic Lab Exercise

Sample Exams

NOTE: The below practice exams are just that- i.e. none of the questions on the practice exams will necessarily appear on the exam that you (the student) take in my course. These practice exams are meant to give you an idea of the test format, the length of the exam, the scope of each test, and the level of detail that I expect you to know the material.

Sample Lecture Test 1:

Sample Lecture Test 1 Key:

Sample Lecture Test 2:

Sample Lecture Test 2 Key:

Sample Lecture Final  Exam:

Sample Lecture Final Exam Key:

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