GY305 Global Geophysics Lectures and Related Documents

Lecture 1 : Plate Motions

   Layout of Plate Velocity Spreadsheet (PDF)

Lecture 2: GPS

   Example GPS accuracy/precision spreadsheet

Lecture 3: Geomagnetics

Lecture 4: Seismology

Lecture 5: Gravity

Lecture 6: Radiometric Dating

Lecture 7: Kinematics

Lab Exercises

   Lab 1: Plate Motion Problem Set

   Lab 2: GPS precision measurements

      Campus base map for GPS measurement plotting

   Lab 3: Geomagnetics Problem Set

      North Atlantic magnetic anomaly map

      East Pacific magnetic anomaly map

      Geomagnetic reversal time scale

Lab 4: Seismic Problem Set

Lab 5: Radiometric Dating

Lab 6: Kinematics

Final Exam (Due 10AM Wed. Dec. 12)

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