GY403 Structural Geology Course Resources

Lecture Resources


Structural Geology Topics for Presentations:

Structure Contour Problem Set:

Uplift Rate K-Ar problem set:


Plate spreading rate problem set:


Stereographic Statistics Problem Set:

Strain example Problem:

Strain Problem Set:


Lithostatic Stress Example Problem:

Lithostatic Stress Problem Set:


Stress by Resolution of Vectors Problem Set:


Net Slip Problem Set:

Laboratory Resources

Orthographic Projections Example Problems:

Example 1: Given strike & true dip find apparent dip angle along a trend

Example 2: Given 2 apparent dips find the strike & true Dip

Example 3: 3-point problem

Example 4: Find the line of intersection between two planes

Using CAD to Solve GY403 Lab problems

CAD geologic structure symbol blocks (ZIP)

CAD geologic and map symbol blocks (ZIP)

Using CAD to create Geologic Maps

Alexander City topographic image file (O32086H5.tif)

Alexander City scanned geologic field map (ac-geo.tif)

Apparent Dip, 3-point Problem, etc.  Spreadsheets (Excel Format):

Lab 1B Key: Attitude and 3D Block Diagram


Lab 2B Key: Orthographic Apparent Dip and 3-Point Problems


Lab 3B key: Steronet  1 Lab


Thickness & Depth Problems Lab Lecture (PowerPoint)

CAD 3D model of a lower-hemisphere stereographic projection displaying the geometry of how great circle lines are generated:

Stereonet Computer Application (NETPROG):

Example Rotation Problems

High Falls Branch project base map (AutoCAD Map file):

Pace count data sheet:

Traverse data sheet:

Wyndale Virginia Cross-section Key

AutoCAD 3D Visualization Aids


Strike and True Dip and Apparent Dip 3D model

Inclined Bedding 3D Model

Stereographic Projection with Zenith point

Stereonet with Planar Structure.

Rf/φ Analysis with AutoCAD Documentation (Word 2010 Document)

ZIP archive of files needed for Rf/φ analysis with AutoCAD

MathCAD 2000 Worksheets

Rotation by components worksheet (

PDF of worksheet

Rotation by vector addition worksheet (

PDF of worksheet

Physical Fitness Resources

Spring 2014 Fitness Meetings Schedule

Swimming Test Chart/Target Heart Rate Chart

BMI Chart

Workout Plan with Fitness Step-Test 

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