GY303 Petrology Lecture Reference Materials and Exercises

Lecture Exercise 1: Calculation of Normative Mineralogy from chemical analyses of igneous rocks (weight % oxides) (PDF document)

{Normative mineralogy calculation assignment}

CIPW Norm starting chemical composition (wt. % oxides)

CIPW Normative mineralogy calculation rules (PDF)

CIPW normative mineralogy calculation worksheet (PDF)

Excel CIPW normative mineralogy spreadsheet template:

Molecular normative mineralogy calculation rules (PDF)

Molecular normative mineralogy calculation worksheet (PDF)

Example CIPW calculation: Granite (PDF)

Example CIPW calculation: Basanite (PDF)

Norm calculation application software ( 7ZIP file)

Exercise 2: Calculation of Binary System Phase Boundaries (PDF)

Exercise 3: Determining Crystal-Melt Proportions with Binary Phase Diagrams (PDF)

Binary eutectic phase diagram concept with tie line examples (PDF)

Binary eutectic worked example An-Di system (PDF)

Binary 2 eutectic worked example Le-Q system (PDF)

Binary peritectic worked example Fo-En-Cr system (PDF)

Binary solid solution worked example Ab-An system (PDF)

Binary eutectic with solvus example Or-Ab system (PDF)

Ternary eutectic phase diagram concept with isotherms (PDF)

Ternary eutectic worked example Q-Ab-Or system (PDF)

Ternary peritectic worked example Di-Fo-En-Cr system at 2 kbar (PDF)

Ternary 2 eutectic Di-Fo-En-Cr system at 20 kbar (PDF)

Ternary solid solution worked example Di-Ab-An system (PDF)

Exercise 4A: Ternary Phase Diagrams (PDF)

Exercise 4B: Ternary Phase Diagrams (PDF)

Trace Element and REE Lecture Notes (PDF)

Exercise 5: Trace Element Fractionation Calculations (PDF)

Exercise 6: REE Fractionation Calculations (PDF)

REE assignment starting template spreadsheet (Excel file)

Metamorphic Facies P-T Diagram (PDF)

Phase Equilibria Equations (PDF)

Phase Equilibria Examples (PDF)

Exercise 7: Metamorphic Phase Equilibria (PDF)

Aluminosilicate Template Spreadsheet (Ex. 7)

Ga+Bi+Ms+Pl Spreadsheet Graph (Ex. 7)

CMP2.EXE command line mineral composition calculator

SAMPLE.OXI: example mineral composition (oxides) input file for CMP2.EXE

RA118 sample oxides file

RA118 composition file (output from CMP2.exe)

Exercise 8: Aqueous geochemistry exercise

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