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GIT461/561 GIS: Environmental- Project Resources

Yosemite Valley Project

1. Yosemite Valley Project Documentation (Word 2010)

2. Base map files needed for Yosemite Project: (ZIP file)

3. Lat-Long Spreadsheet for 7.5 quadrangles: LatLongCalc_24k.xlsm

Using Excel Programming to Process GPS Data

1.      Documentation

2.      Excel file with GPS coordinates (World_Capitals_start.xlsx)

Digital USGS Quadrangle Geologic Map Project (Talladega Springs Quadrangle)

1.      Creating a Geologic Map of the Talladega Springs USGS quadrangle (Word 2010 Document)

2.      Geologic map project files for Talladega Springs, AL, USGS quadrangle: (ZIP file)

3.      Talladega Springs DEM

4.      Geologic database file: Geodatabase.mdb

Analyzing Aquifer Contamination Potential with GIS (SRWMD)

     1. Instructions for ArcGIS 10.1 (Word 2010)

2. Starting base maps for SRWMD project: SRWMD.EXE (self-extracting ZIP)

Analyzing the Economics of a Sulfide Mining Operation (Lost Creek Mine Project)

     1. Instructions for ArcGIS 10.x/Access (PDF)

     2. Figures for ArcGIS 10.x/Access (PDF)

     3. Lost Creek project starting files: LostCreek.EXE (self-extracting ZIP)

Modeling the USA Campus Topography with 3D and Spatial Analyst Project

1. Instructions for ArcGIS 10.x (PDF)

2. Figures for ArcGIS 10.x (PDF)

USA Topographic project starting files: Campus.exe (self-extracting ZIP)

Modeling the Talladega Springs Quadrangle Topography in 3D Project

1. Instructions for ArcGIS 10.x (.DOCX)

2. Flight path feature class

Hurricane Flood Levels in University Park Subdivision

1.      Hurricane flood levels documentation (PDF)

2.      Starting files: FloodingProject.exe (self-extracting ZIP)

Python Programming Project

Project description

Starting Excel file for trend surface

Top of Ordovician Oil Production

1. Instructions for Orodovician project (PDF)

2. Starting Excel spreadsheet

Producing a Species Count Map for Chinese Tallow Species

   1. Instructions for Species Count project (PDF)

   2. Figures for Species Count project (PDF)

   3. Files for Species Count project working folder (ZIP archive EXE file)

4. Files for USA base map folder (ZIP archive EXE file)

Geologic Map from a DEM

1. Instructions for Project

2. Starting Files.

Final Exam Programming project (take home- Due at scheduled Final Exam time)

Programming project 1:24,000 quadrangle: Alex City AL

Programming project 1:100,000 quadrangle: Montgomery AL

Programming project 1:250,000 quadrangle: Montgomery AL

Starting Python program code

Correct output for Alex City 1:24K topo

Correct output for Montgomery 1:100K topo

Correct output for Montgomery 1:250K topo

Outcrop Prediction Project

ArcGIS 10.x Example Problem Starting Files:

Example problem documentation

OPexample_start.mdb (runs in PythonWin or QGIS) (runs in IDLE IDE for ArcGIS)

ArcGIS 10.x Problem 1 Starting Files:

Problem 1 documentation



ArcGIS 10.x Problem 2 Starting Files:

Problem 2 documentation


ArcGIS 10.x Problem 3 Starting Files

Problem 3 documentation


QGIS 2.18 Example Problem Starting Files: (runs in PythonWin or QGIS) (runs in IDLE IDE for ArcGIS)

Example problem documentation

QGIS 2.18 Problem 1 Starting Files:


Problem 1 documentation

QGIS 2.18 Problem 2 Starting Files:

Problem 2 documentation


Introductory Lecture

Python Programming Lecture

Test 1 files: Test1.exe (self-extracting ZIP)

Test 1 document (PDF)

Miscellaneous Project Outlines

1. Digitizing geologic data stations and building a structure data base (PDF)

2. Combining several digital quadrangles into a regional digital map.

3. Creating topographic profiles with ArcGIS 10.x.

4. Exporting AutoCAD Map projects to ArcGIS 10.x (PDF)

5. Creating geologic cross-sections with ArcGIS 10.x (PDF)

Downloadable Applications useful for GIS projects

MAPPRO (stand-alone Windows application, ZIP archive with help file)

MAPPRO (AutoLISP version, ZIP archive)

MAPPRO Documentation (AutoLISP version, PDF format)

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