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MAPPRO is an application that will calculate projection coordinates from geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude) using algorithms for UTM, State Plane, and other common map projection systems. In addition, MAPPRO will create a script file for AutoCAD that automatically imports locations using a user-designed block marker. The marker is automatically labeled with the station label. MAPPRO also has options for automatically inserting geological structure data as block markers into AutoCAD map files based on the attitude recorded in a database. The dip or plunge is automatically attached as attributes to the structure symbol. In addition, the program can also save coordinates as LISP variables that are convenient when calibrating a map to a digitizer. For more detailed information see the MAPPRO help file. Currently MAPPRO is compiled with Delphi 4 for use in Intel compatible 32-bit operating environments.

MAPPRO has also been coded into AutoLISP format. This version functions more or less as the stand-alone executable, but has the advantage of working entirely within the AutoCAD environment. Documentation is provided below as a PDF file. This document provides information on how to set up MAPPRO and other LISP applications included in the downloadable ZIP auto-extracting file (see below). Included in the ZIP archive is a latitude and longitude gridding utility (LLGRID), and a Ternary Graph plotting application (TRIANGULAR). See the PDF documentation for details.

Download file "" zip archive

Download the AutoLISP version of MAPPRO, TRIANGULAR, etc. (self-extracting ZIP executable file)

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading the archive(s) from this web page, contact me via e-mail. I will reply to your message with the archive file attached. Email:

Download the PDF documentation for AutoLISP applications including MAPPRO and TRIANGULAR


BRIEF INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: If you click on the above link you will receive via download a file named "". This is a ZIP archive file. You should create a folder (I suggest "MAPPRO") on your hard disk that will contain the application program and supporting files. Copy the "” file to this folder with file explorer, and then double-click on the file name to load the file into a ZIP extractor application. If you do not have a ZIP extractor application search the web for “7-zip”, a free ZIP utility. Use your ZIP application to “unzip” all of the mappro files to the “MAPPRO” folder. This will create the MAPPRO application (MAPPRO.EXE) and supporting files in your new folder. Several example files with the file name extentsion "TXT" are included, so execute "MAPPRO.EXE" by double-clicking on the name, and use the "File" > "Open" menu command to open one of the example data files. You should then select the "RUN" > "Process edit window data" option. Results should appear in the "Results" window. This is all that is necessary to install and test your installed copy.

See the above PDF document for install instructions.

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