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List of Courses Taught

GY111 Physical Geology Syllabus

GY111L Physical Geology Lab Syllabus  
GY111 Physical Geology Resource Materials

GY113 Honors Field Geoscience (Summer term)
GY301 Geomorphology (Fall semester)
GY301 Lectures
GY301 Laboratory Materials

GY301 Topographic Quadrangles
GY303 Petrology  (Spring semester)
GY303 Petrology Lectures (PDF version of PowerPoint Presentations)
GY303 Lecture Reference Materials
GY303 Laboratory Reference Materials

GY305 Geophysics (Fall Semester)

GY305 Geophysics Lectures & Labs
GY403 Structural Geology  (Spring semester, includes field trip to Tannehill State Park, AL, or High Falls Branch near Ashland, AL) 
GY403 Structural Geology Laboratory Manual

GY403 Lectures (PDF format PowerPoint presentations)
GY403 Course Resources
GIT461/561 GIS Applications I: Environment  
(Fall and spring semesters; includes advanced ArcGIS 9.x training)
GIT461 Student Mapping And GIS Projects
GIT461 Project Resources
GY480 Field Geology (W) (PDF)
(offered summer term; 2 weeks mapping in Llano, Texas; 1.5 weeks in Taos, New Mexico, 2 weeks hydrogeology on-campus; 3 days North Rim Grand Canyon) 
GY480 Field Geology Virtual Tour
GY480 Field Geology Map and Cross-section Guidelines
 GY492 Special Topics (offered on demand) 
 GY494 Directed Studies (offered on demand, topic must be approved before registration)

Current Schedule (Lectures, Laboratory, Office, and Research Hours)
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