Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) Mission Statement

The Black Faculty and Staff Association at the University of South Alabama established in 2017 is an officially recognized organization of Black university employees with a mission to promote an environment fostering cultural sensitivity and enrichment by providing networking opportunities and support for Black faculty and staff at the University of South Alabama.

The chief purpose of the organization is to:

  1. Promote cultural understanding, social justice, equity, positive race relations, fair representation and quality of life throughout the USA campus. 
  2. Hold the University accountable through direct lines of communication with University Administration to keep issues of inclusiveness, diversity, and equity at the forefront of policy making.
  3. Create, cultivate, and maintain a sense of community by promoting the interests and concerns of Black faculty, staff, and students.
  4. Actively monitor through data and advance the recruitment, professional development, promotion, and retention of Black faculty and staff. 
  5. Support, socialize, and recognize Black faculty and staff in a manner that creates a sense of belonging that builds a cohesive campus community. 
  6. Serve as a resource and provide beneficial information in regards to important issues and events to Black faculty and staff.
  7. Actively support the well-being of Black faculty and staff to ensure career advancement.

It is our aim that faculty and staff will interact with the BFSA by attending regular meetings, sharing ideas, and providing mentorship as avenues to address issues and create a more inclusive campus.  Moreover, the official process for faculty and staff to share their concerns is to send an email to the committee via the BFSA email address or express a concern in the formal meeting.  All concerns, issues, and ideas will be discussed at each monthly meeting until a resolution is established.

The BFSA will use both formal and informal means of sharing concerns within the committee, however, all concerns will be shared formally by the Chair of the BFSA with the appropriate division head at the University.  The BFSA will allow a safe and confidential meeting format so that all concerns are provided and addressed professionally and with integrity.