Faculty Match SURF program

In an effort to increase the number of undergraduates funded for participation in the SURF program, a new funding mechanism is being offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research.  

The process:

  • Faculty with available funds can pay a 50% match ($1250) for students to participate in the SURF program under their mentorship.  The OUR supplies the remaining $1250.
  • The faculty member can choose what student(s) to support based on their knowledge of student capabilities.
  • The student does not have to submit a SURF proposal; the faculty submits a form to offer the match instead.
  • Faculty match offer is due by March 15; student and project should be identified via mentor agreement form by April 12.
  • The faculty member is responsible for verifying the eligibility of the funding source.
  • Note:  This is an optional program, and does not replace spots in the regular SURF program.

Benefits to faculty mentor:

  • Can engage student(s) without SURF program restrictions (GPA, class, repeat SURF)
  • Potential for greater flexibility on student project
  • More time to identify students and projects
  • More funded students in lab (limit of $5000 total in OUR funds per mentor)

Expectations of student in summer:

  • Students are expected to attend workshops and meet the regular SURF benchmarks


SURF Faculty Match Form