• Life Science 101 BLY 101
  • Life Science 102 BLY 102
  • Introduction to Environmental Science BLY 205


Life Science 101 (BLY 101)
Students will examine the basic principles of biological phenomena. Cell structure, cell function, and cell division will be examined. Students will be introduced to processes such as photosynthesis and respiration.   Additional topics covered will include heredity, taxonomy, and evolution.   In this class, morphology of protests, bacteria, viruses and plants will be discussed as well.

On the lef: Hands on in the lab!

Life Science 102 (BLY 102)
This course is a continuation of Life Science 101. Students begin the semester by studying the classification scheme of animals.   Next, students examine anatomical and physiological features of plants and animals. Additional topics covered will include ecosystem functioning and habitat modification.


Introduction to Environmental Science (BLY 205)
Environmental science is a course designed to educate students about how ecosystems work, how environmental modifications affect ecosystems and organisms, and how organisms affect their environment. Course discussions will focus on pollution, habitat modification, and many other environmental changes.   During the summer session, this is a course that is offered through USA online.


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