• BLY 101         Life Science I - Lecture
  • BLY 101L       Life Science I - Lab
  • BLY 102         Life Science I - Lecture
  • BLY 102L       Life Science II - Lab
  • BLY 121L       General Biology I - Lab
  • BLY 435/535  Biology of Fungi
  • BLY 490         Fungal Symbioses (special Topics)


BLY 101 & /102:     Life Science I & II.

These are the biology courses for non- majors. Main contents are cell structure and function, cell metabolism, cell division, diversity of life, human organ systems, and ecology. Typically, I teach a lecture in the spring semester, and labs in the summer semester


BLY 121 & BLY 121L:    General Biology  I.

These are the biology courses for biology majors. At present, I teach one laboratory section every semester.


BLY 435/535:           Biology of Fungi
This class includes an investigation into the diversity, biology, and ecology of fungi. It is designed to meet the needs of students majoring in biology and/or disciplines in plant biology. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of fungal classification (including taxonomy and some molecular systematics), morphology, ecology and technological applications. A laboratory component is included. Students can take this class for undergraduate or graduate credit. Core biology courses are prerequisites for this course.


BLY 490:    Fungal Symbioses

In this class students explore how fungi relate to other organisms, from mutualist or parasite symbioses. An overview of the nature of symbioses and diversity of fungi is given. A term paper based on literature review is expected at the end of the semester. Students need to have taken at least one upper biology course.

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