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BMD Courses (Semester Offered)

BMD 114, Human Anatomy & Physiology I (Fall, Spring, Summer)
BMD 115, Human Anatomy & Physiology II (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
BMD 201, Seminars in Biomedical  Sciences (Fall)
BMD 210, Infectious Disease in the Health Care  Environment (Fall, Spring)
BMD 311, Human Anatomy (Fall, Spring)
BMD 321, Biochemistry I - Molecular Biology  (Fall)
BMD 322, Biochemistry II - Metabolism (Spring)
BMD 323, Biochemistry Lab (Spring) 
BMD 334, Human Physiology I(Fall)
BMD 335, Human Physiology II (Spring) 
BMD 336, Physiology Lab(Spring) 
BMD 350, Genomics (Spring)
BMD 401, Immunology (Fall) 
BMD 402, Medical Microbiology (Spring)
BMD 410, Pathophysiology(Spring) 
BMD 420, Pharmacology (Fall)
BMD 430, Neurosciences (Fall)
BMD 450, Introduction to Research (Fall,  Spring) 
BMD 493, Issues in Biomedical Sciences (Fall,  Spring) 
BMD 494, Directed Research Studies  (Fall, Spring, Summer)
BMD 499, Honors Research Thesis (Fall, Spring,  Summer)
BMD 501, Immunology
BMD 502, Medical Microbiology
BMD 536, Physiology Lab

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