Performance Evaluation

The purpose of the AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) tool is to measure entry-level competency of the occupational therapy student, differentiate the competent student from the incompetent student, and provide the student with an accurate evaluation of his or her growth and development of competency over time. Criterion scores on page 2 of the FWPE indicate the recommended minimum passing score.

The AOTA FWPE form should be used to measure the OT student's ability to carry out the OT process. There are 42 performance items in 7 sections corresponding with the major competencies required to complete the OT process in a professional and ethical manner:

Fundamentals of Practice
Basic Tenets of OT
Management of OT Services
Professional Behaviors

A four-point rating scale is used to describe the student's competence:
4 = Exceeds Standards
3 = Meets Standards
2 = Needs Improvement
1 = Unsatisfactory

Definitions regarding the scale listed at the top of each page. The supervisor must score all items! If you determine that an item does not fit in your practice setting you need to clarify how the student will demonstrate this competency through written site-specific objectives. For example, if your site does not utilize COTA's, you could ask the student to describe the potential use of the COTA within your setting or you could ask the student to develop a plan on how to use the COTA at your facility. If your site does not do evaluations on a routine basis (for example, in the public schools), you could ask the student to re-evaluate one of the clients on the caseload. Remember that if a student does not meet standards (score of 3) on all items in the "Fundamentals of Practice" section, he or she does not pass the fieldwork rotation. If a student is meeting the standard expected at your facility, they should receive a "3", which means they are competent. The score of "4" should be given to "the best student ever". The majority of students should NOT score a 4, even at the final.

On page 7 of the FWPE is a Performance Rating Summary Sheet which is used to help compare a student's scores over time. Scores from each item are transferred to this page. Please write specific comments in the "Mid-term" or "Final" space provided at the bottom of each page, to clarify strengths and information regarding what the student needs to improve on.

It is suggested that the student complete a self-evaluation of his or her performance at midterm and final. After you have completed the FWPE, please meet with the student to discuss his or her performance and review both the student's self-evaluation and your completed evaluation of the student. Transfer the final score to the cover sheet and write final summary comments addressing the student's professional competence. The student and all supervisors who participated in scoring the student's performance should sign the form.

The OT program at USA requires students to report their midterm grades and proof of a collaborative plan for the student to achieve entry-level competency by the end of the fieldwork rotation. Please fax this information after completion of midterm. After completion of the final, all originals are to be sent to the OT department.