Dr. Ryan Littlefield's Research Area

Areas of interest

  • Hypothesis-driven research on self-organization and dynamics of  striated muscle and other contractile structures.
  • High-resolution microscopy and structural modeling
  • Visualization techniques using physical models
  • Bioengineering of muscle scaffolds
  • Nebulin does not specify actin lengths

A New Paradigm for Striated Muscle

  • Actin is dynamic in striated muscle
  • Nebulin does not specify actin lengths
    • Only found in vertebrate skeletal muscle and only extends along 90-95% of the actin filament.
    • Not found within striated invertebrate muscles
  • Actin is dynamic in striated muscle
    • Actin subunits exchange more at the pointed (P-) ends than the barbed (B-) ends, even though P-ends grow slower in vitro.
    • Precise lengths are specified by regulated exchange of subunits at the P-ends.
  • Our Working Hypothesis: Titin and the myosin thick filaments form a scaffold that specifies actin filament lengths
    • This ensures full overlap between actin and myosin and maximal force generation

Recent Publications

Refereed Publications:

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Non-Refereed Publications:

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