Meeting Minutes

From Meeting on April 30, 2020:


If you could not make it to the meeting on Thursday, April 30th, here is what you missed:

Weather Wednesday Speakers:
Fall 2020:
We will start with a speaker from a Broadcast TV Station
The speakers from then will be determined by the level of enthusiasm from the Google Form sent out earlier this semester
Spring 2021
Keesler Air Force Base (#1 Priority)
Show the grounds and the area of forecasting set up and look at the aircraft
Have any other ideas about who you want to come and speak with us? Email Andrew since we have to schedule these in advance.

Outreach Coordinator:
The current coordinator is graduating so the position is open
Act as the key contact with Andrew on all recruitment and outreach activities
Help arrange visits to USA to tour MET for local high schools when they request it
Visit local schools in Mobile area to talk about science/MET/math when the classes request it (within 1 hour drive time, usually)
When there is a need for a talk, the responsibility falls on the coordinator to ensure that the presentation is ready and to have the committee run through the representation with NOAA on Hurricane Preparedness Events, Mobile International Festival, etc.)
In charge of Get on Board Day/ getting a concourse for USA Day

Google form will be sent by Andrew to be filled out for the voting process.
Short statements from each of the nominees will be sent out by MET Club prior to the Google form from Andrew.
Voting will remain open for one week after the ballot is sent out by Andrew.
All members who paid dues may vote. We will relax the "points" requirements for this year given that all events ended when the university shut down in March
President: Jessica Borne and Josh Culbreth
Vice President: Harrison Miller and Logan Smith
Treasurer: Maggie Eldredge
Secretary: Hailey Culwell