SeCAPS 2020



The SeCAPS team and the Meteorology Program thank you for your interest in SeCAPS 2020. In response to the COVID-19 virus, the University of South Alabama has cancelled all classes, activities, and events on campus. Accordingly, we regret to announce that these cancellations also include SeCAPS 2020.

The SeCAPS team considered a virtual conference, but given complications in setting such an event up along with the need to devote university resources to an expansion of online educational and research purposes, the decision has been made to cancel SeCAPS 2020 altogether.

We hope everyone stays well.

Andrew Murray, SeCAPS Faculty Director
Samantha Michlowitz, SeCAPS 2020 Student Coordinator
Jenna Petracci, SeCAPS 2020 Student Coordinator 


New SeCAPS LogoSoutheastern Coastal & Atmospheric
Processes Symposium (SeCAPS)

      A Symposium Presented by: 

      -The University of South Alabama Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

      -The University of South Alabama Coastal Weather Research Center

      -The University of South Alabama Department of Earth Sciences

      -The University of South Alabama Student Government Association 



What is SeCAPS?

The Southeastern Coastal and Atmospheric Processes Symposium is held annually during the spring semester. Topics include tropical and coastal meteorology, hurricane and severe weather safety and awareness, coastal processes, the role the media and governmental departments take in public notification of impending natural disasters, and current research being conducted. The relaxed nature of SeCAPS fosters interaction between students and earth science professionals in industry, government, broadcast media, and academia.

The symposium will be held April 18-19, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday) at the University of South Alabama's main campus (Mobile, AL), in the Student Center Ballroom. Guests also may have the opportunity to view the innovative Coastal Weather Research Center and advanced meteorological equipment used by the meteorology students and faculty on campus.

Thanks to the USA Student Government Association and the Coastal Weather Research Center, there is no charge for attendees affiliated with the University of South Alabama. There is a nominal $15 charge for non-USA attendees to help offset the continued rising costs required to host the conference. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at