Style Sheet

Studies in American Culture


  1. Submit final manuscripts in Microsoft Word. Other word-processing programs are not acceptable.
  2. Follow MLA style (1998) explicitly in all matters of parenthetical documentation.
  3. Use 12-point Times Roman font throughout the manuscript.
  4. Do not include any headers or footers in the manuscript file.
  5. Double space the manuscript throughout, except for indented quotations, which should be single spaced.
  6. Indent paragraphs 5 spaces from the left margin. Indented quotations should be indented 10 spaces from the left margin.
  7. Illustrations must be sent in separate files as 300dpi scans submitted as .jpg or pdf format. Indicate the location for an illustration in bold and in parentheses in the text—e.g., (Fig. 1).
  8. Use end notes, not footnotes, as necessary, keeping them to a minimum in any event. Please DO NOT USE THE ENDNOTE FUNCTION in Microsoft Word; instead, type the notes in a separate section labeled "Notes," immediately following the last paragraph of your essay and just before your list of Works Cited. Mark notes consecutively with superscripted Arabic numbers.
  9. Italicize book titles; do not underline them.
  10. Avoid the use of quotation marks or italics for emphasis.
  11. Use a comma before the last member of a series of three or more coordinate elements.
  12. At the end of your Works Cited, include a 50-word biographical statement for use in our Notes on Contributors.
  13. If you have question about any matter not covered here, please write to the editor (